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Clash of Clans ♦ NO SHIELD! ♦ ‘Naked’ Bases in CoC ♦

Clash of Clans ♦ NO SHIELD! ♦ ‘Naked’ Bases in CoC ♦
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Clash of Clans Defense – these defensive layouts were left ‘naked’ in Clash of Clans after a successful defense! Should this be happening in Legend league, or ANY league in Clash of Clans?

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“The Angels Among Demons” and/or “Let There Be Light” by Instrumental Core
licensed through Really Slow Motion. Licensing documentation on file with YouTube.
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/reallyslowmotion


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  1. What's the song called in the beginning I really want to know I was looking for it

  2. Clash of Clans is dead… Clash Royale made it boring.

  3. hey galladon did u know angels among demons is now copyrighted

  4. This is why we should get a bonus for a successful defense

  5. love your videos galadon always giving us great videos appreciate it man

  6. I keep attacking bases and several troops come out of the clan castle, so I drop the poison spell on them and then resume my attack, only for even more troops to come rushing out of the clan castle. now I don't have a poison spell

  7. Galadon you have to come check my clan!!! They 3 star a th11 and 95% another!!! Unique attacks!!!!!!!!!!

  8. At 1:03 the hound got hit by a mine and a bomb at the same time and all the pups died instantly

  9. I was only attacked like 5 times once… no traps no nothing -50 trophies

  10. The first one was a TH10 attack!

  11. Hey galadon !
    you said that new update was of match making in war , right?
    but visitcmy newly formed clan
    search this clan tag #QJCPPOQP
    Ans see our clan war match ..
    we are facing level 7 clan and my war player are of small level also
    but still there is a war mismatch in our clan !
    visit my clan and see
    the new update has dominated us ????

  12. Whats the best card in clash royale?

    The Prince What you think i'd say Credit Card?

  13. Keep up the good work galadon, would like to see your intro text changed up a bit though just some feedback. Thx for the videos.

  14. I dropped over 900 trophies because I was getting tired of being repeatedly attacked and getting no shield. Now I don't get attacked at all. Which is nice because I can focus on upgrading all of my stuff still.

  15. Yesss so much attacks on my base when I sleep

  16. hey like clash vids? if so go sub and like my channel

  17. I got 3 starred twice last night…

  18. I hate this problem, I rely on my shields to allow me to be a relaxed player

  19. You don't get a shield unless the attacker 33%

  20. u could of just put a freeze spell in the second raid about not bringing a poison speell

  21. The 3rd attacker rage quitted–he couldve easily gotten 1 more building

  22. Download: Cash for Apps and type there this code: d1c5bf

  23. Ha ha ha ha ouch those do stink… I'm down in masters maxing my walls so I don't really care, and after hearing that no one has attained legends without gems, I won't be joining you all on that push.. At some point I shall have to rise up and head toward Titan league but my attacks need a lot of work lol

  24. Was late so thought of a joke

    Swaggie valkries

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