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Clash Mailbag – Spell Donations, Town Hall 11 Theme?

Clash Mailbag – Spell Donations, Town Hall 11 Theme?
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Here’s the next episode of my Clash of Clans mailbag – make sure to hit me up with your Qs for the next video! 🙂
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Check this out chief!

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  1. I also think you should be able to gem anything for free once there is 1-5 minutes left on the upgrade because it gets annoying for me but you would not be able to gem the things that take a minute or lower… Ex. Barbs, Archers or Minions

  2. A white th11 would be cool af!

  3. #AskPat
    How bout a new troop n new lvl troops n spells so it's easy for th 11s to 3 star th10s

  4. The last question was awesome… it would help me, if it was a feature. I request for anything level 4+, but anything in level 8,9, or 10 barracks and dark barracks can be any level. Even though donated troops get one upgrade lvl, I get level four troops, aka level 3 troops. idk if the ppl are not reading it, or they know to donate lvl3. but still, in an old clan, I got lvl2 or 1 troops even. sigh

  5. What do you think about an elder and a leader chat?

  6. hey guys i jus made this clan anyone can join promotions are earned by donations need loyal members to grow with join lonely apache

  7. Town hall 11 theme defense freezer

  8. #askpat I think that they should include the Wars lost in the clan description column. What do you think #chiefpat? If not visible for the other clans it can at least be visible to our clan alone just to keep track. Cheers!

  9. In your next upcoming videos, do you think you can do one with just using your BK and whatever army composition you want to see if you can consistently 2* a maxed TH10 base? Thanks in advance.

  10. Do you think it would be a good idea for supercell to add night time in clash of clans? #AskPat

  11. Could you do other lower level town hall attack strategies instead of just the lets play farming? Also do you think super cell would let us save our replays onto our devices

  12. #AskPat Do you think clash of clans should have a bank system? Say a clan mate doesn't have enough loot for this one upgrade he/she really wants. You can give that loot to them and maybe they can repay you somehow or you can give it as a donation. I have SO many clan mates telling me how much they need to upgrade a troops or barracks and I'm just sitting here with my max th8 with max elixir doing nothin!

  13. #AskPat I think we need to know whether each of the clan troops are donated by who, so that the one who donate troops will get credited. Also they can know who is just simply donating some 'useless' troops that makes them mad.

  14. Hey man with all this new stuff which should coming out. I did not agree with anything you said in this video, because every idea is stupid and will destroy the games purpose.

  15. #askpat Cheif, do you think an invisiblity spell would be a good idea? It would not last as long as most spells and would be a new dark spell, feel like it could be a really cool new component for attacking

  16. #ASKPAT First idea would be great for seeing some ways to use attack strats well. 2nd idea once thought of it and thought it would be good and quite OP, but if it was like current cc use, and you could up it to hold more then it might not be great as then you'd only drop them all at once in one spot, but it could be good. 3rd is that new wall colour/type so no real set idea, I think a new theme might be pretty cool but atm I've lost all ideas. I'd love a new defense but I don't think a freeze tower would be right with a different theme and that it's basicly copying the shock launcher from boom beach. In terms of clan castle filtering, YES I'd love it and it would seriously annoy a lot of people that donate rubbish stuff, you'd also need a level filter on the troops. Lots of other ideas but forgot all of em.-Blood


  18. #AskPat . How about adding the feature to place ur cc troops one a time instead of deploying them all in the exact same spot ?

  19. Hello Patrick.

    I've been meaning to tell you this and here it goes…

    I remember when you started YouTube at 50k subs. You uploaded daily and videos where upto 10 mins long. Perfect balance. Ever since you've hit 1 million, I've been so happy for u that you reached that milestone. However, you have decided to be a lazy ASS hole and only upload a max of about 3 videos each week. And there all only about 8 mins long. You think ' oh I reached 1 Mil oh yea I'm a fucking bad ASS' when really you are a lazy and inconsiderable ASS hole. I don't know what happened to you but you need to fix up. And you are no longer the most subscribed channel on you tube you selfish whore.

  20. #AskPat Do you think SUPERCELL will add a fill up the barracks button? Like for barch it would instantly fill up the whole barracks with barbs when you press it instead of pressing it for a while.

  21. personal opinion : Push notifications when we recieve cc troops. #AskPat

  22. In town hall 11 do you think they will have a new defence to go along with it

  23. Chuck had the best suggestion in all the clash mails combined. Donating wrong troops has been a problem since the beginning man….

  24. julie kunen mij niet verstaan

  25. #askpat will there be town hall 11?

  26. I have an idea… you have a poll that you can set up in your clan chat or global chat where you can type what you want (blacklist the usual words) like "I'm upgrading 'this' or 'this' what should I do?" and people can vote for what they think you should upgrade. this would be a small but extremely helpful function in the talking side of clash and personally I think it would make the chat much more enjoyable. please like so pat can see!

  27. u should be able to stop something u gemmd rhen continue it later EX : I gem my barracks to make it train faster but I have to leave 30 min later… the rest of my gem time would go to waist cuz I'm not there… if I could pause the gemming, I could come back and start it later when I could use if fully

  28. #Mailbag +PlayClashOfClans I believe supercell should add a thing where when you raid, some of supercells automatic bases that they put into the game can give us more loot because clans is a bit dry, it will basically be bases that aren't owned by players. That are like Max Th9 and random th's that are dead and anyone can get them :)

  29. They have spectating in hearthstone

  30. For a white themed town hall the defense could be like a snowblaster or something

  31. @ChiefPat What about daily challenges,you are given a set troop composition and a set base you have to attack,have gems as a reward #askpat

  32. New troop idea. the jester distracts all defence and cc troops when it's in range no matter what the target already is.

  33. #askpat Would you rather have 10 million subs or add whatever you want in a CoC update

  34. #askpat what, in your opinion, would be the next dark elexir troop?

  35. Town hall 11 defense, defense that heal other buildings, favorite target is nearby defences

  36. #askpat why don't you let your clan gowipe?

  37. for the next mailbag, what happened to Noteworthy games?

  38. Do you think they will ever add a donate a builder for like when someone is max and working on walls and they have no use for their builders?

  39. chief pat this is my question do you think supercell will make heroes can be borrowed from your strong clan mates?

  40. #AskPat what happened to noteworthygames?

  41. lol all this is coming in a couple weeks

  42. why cant a town hall lvl 8 get a donated spell

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