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Clash Mailbag – New Dark Troop, Clan War Tournament

Clash Mailbag – New Dark Troop, Clan War Tournament
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Here’s the next episode of my Clash of Clans mailbag – make sure to hit me up with your Qs for the next video! 🙂
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Check this out chief!

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  1. they should have a market thing like 1,000,000 gold for like 1,000,000 elixer

  2. When he said Mohamed, anyone else though that he meant TheMoenator? 

  3. Do you think they will ever make it so you can copy someone from your clans base ?

  4. With the pot of gold wouldn't it mean that people who town hall snipe lose no gold in the progress as they would technically win due to them getting 1 star therefore they could town hall snipe all day and get their money back without losing anything, this could be further exploited in terms of the person if they are high enough leagues they can just use king/queen to town hall snipe, get the win bonus and also get all their gold back. This means no need to spent time/resource on other troops.

  5. Do you think there should be a just "air" mode for xbows? It would have the same radius as just "ground"

  6. A tower that you can put on one building and the lightning caused so dark they can not pick

  7. Wtf did Clashtronauts fall apart?? I cant find it

  8. Hi Chief Pat.   Great videos dude!  I was thinking about the problem with town hall eleven and money needed to upgrade.  I am currently at TH8 and am scrambling for gold with hoards of elixer.  What if Supercell boosted the output of the gold mines?  If the gold mines' output could be doubled or tripled, this would help out with the gold problem in TH8.  Thoughts?

  9. They took away the elixer walls because people didnt have as much elixer because they spent it. So raiders couldn't find elixer. thats what i think. If u think something else, just tell me

  10. If you could make any troops what would it be called and what would it be?

  11. OMG BEST DAY!awesome vid chief

  12. Supercell should add a feature where if u want a pekka, they can't donate anything else but a pekka, u could select what troops that you want in ur cc, if u don't want goblins then there would be a feature where u click the goblins and they couldn't give it to you, what do u guys think?

  13. I like the bounty feature!

  14. I think the gold skipping thing, should be implemented

  15. #askpat what about adding a link in the clan board to sister/feeder clans?

  16. I think the bounty pot of gold is pretty cool I hope it's in the next update

  17. The gold pot idea would have to have a cap, inactive bases would have heaps of gold in the pot.

  18. They haven't added a new dark troop for th10 so why would they make a new th and not give 10 a dark troops to its self+ what do u think of two villages going into llets say a seige against each other, troops cost nothing reduced time and the troops dont stay in camps, because ur troops fight thier troops to get to the other persons base until one base gets 100%ed or time runs out

  19. I can't wait for my little pony 😀 

  20. they should add 2 New troops

  21. a wallbreaker that would target and temporarily freeze defenses and a healer that instead of healing could rage up your troops

  22. I think they will have to introduce a dark troop for th10 before th11 since you can get all your troops at th9. Maybe they could have new upgrades in the lab at th11. So these might be in two separate updates not one.

  23. Hey Pat!
    I love your channel and videos!!
    I have a question!
    Is there any way to transfer an account from a gmail Id to another gmail Id?
    My account is synced with my sister's ID.
    I need to transfer it to mine!
    Please help

  24. I'm pretty sure the reason they changed the elixir wall upgrade for level 8s is because it completely destroyed the economy for elixir because everyone was spending it.

  25. This channel sucks so much now I am unsubscribing after over a year of being subscribed

  26. Pat, say if you're a town hall 10, and you attack a town hall 10 and they had 400 000 gold and elixir, and you won, would you get all of the loot or would they keep a tiny bit

  27. What about a new hero not like the goblin prince but like a balloon or a hog?

  28. they removed the early wall Upgrades with elexier because it completely destroyed the economy. as a th 10 i Need your deliciouse elexier 😀 ( no really there was only shit loot back then for th 10)

  29. Hey chief! I guess you have a louder voice to those supercell guys, so i decided to post one suggesion here!

    It is quite boring to recruit members in the global chat! What if these guys invented a sort of "newspaper ad session" in the game where you could post characteristcs of members you are looking for, such as th level, xp points, troops etc, and then players could just hit a button whenever interested. Sounds too ambitious? Too foollish? I dont know, i saw these things in other games from supercell such as the farm one where you could just "buy" from other players exactly what you wanted, so why not recruit players as you want and then wait for interested to come?!?
    Just a thought!

  30. Wut if the troops didn't die wen the raid
    was over an instead we could use them again. 

  31. are you into sneakers? if so can we see them?

  32. What happened to "ClashtroNOTS," your feeder clan?

  33. I think tht Clash of Clans should have a certain amount of settings for each town hall lvl and add wildlife into the game

  34. Do u think Clash of Clans will add wildlife e.g. deers,eagles,mooses etc.

  35. Do u think Clash would decrease prices for building upgrades

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