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Clash Mailbag – Lower Town Hall Additions?

Clash Mailbag – Lower Town Hall Additions?
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Here’s the next episode of my Clash of Clans mailbag – make sure to hit me up with your Qs for the next video! 🙂
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  1. Honestly I've wanted the prince to be the new troop since I saw what Jonas had said, and I really like your idea. Hopefully they do put in the prince, based of your idea of course.

  2. Need a clan? Join the new clan SkeletaLWyvernS! Accepting Town Hall 6+. English speaking only. Join now and Clash On!

  3. #askpat Do you think supercell will put in high level replays for everyone to view like they do in clash royale?

  4. #AskPat Do you think it would be a good idea if there was a kinda of revenge timer, i try to revenge often but everyone has a shield, what if there was a timer that showed how much shield a base still has

  5. New spell: invisible spell, would be awesome to have!

  6. #askpat when is this resource change supposed to happen

  7. congrats pat your legend league in this moment

  8. #AskPat Hey Pat, long time CoC player and follower of your playclashofclans channel. I've got a ton of input to dump on you here, feel free to breeze through it or criticize the hell out of it!

    First off, I need to commend you on your channel and video content. In this age of youtubers who make terrible videos where they just scream and rant about dumb s#!t, you've managed to keep things quite clean and professional, Ive gained a lot of important strategies and knowledge from your channel and for that, you deserve a medal…

    Down to business… my input is that the game itself is fine, even with the new changes (maybe even better). My ideas are simple changes, both from a programming perspective and a gamer's perspective. I do feel that the game has a bit of a gray/monotone feel to it, such as this that I think SC should add some customization to characters/buildings.

    I might take some flack on this, but for instance, Starcraft had multiple player battles where each player was identified by a battle color. Why not implement this into the game, have the barbarians have a red/blue/green/etc colored hand print on their chest or across their face as a war paint….all troops would bear the similar color as would buildings. It wouldn't be necessary to distinguish troops as you've discussed in previous videos, this game is a more passive-style attack system where its not live-action player-v-player…but, maybe it would provoke some creativity and spawn some interest…. Clans could require/request members to all represent the same colors, banners would match, etc…. Not a game-changer, but something new…

    Unit SKILLS….not abilities, such as king/queen/warden… How about the ability to customize individual troops to your preference… To elaborate simply, barbarians could choose ONE of THREE tiers:
    A) Big HP buff/Attack Nerf
    B) Moderate HP & Attack Buffs
    C Big Attack Buff/HP Nerf
    Each tier would require research at a NEW BUILDING (or use the laboratory, I just think it would be clogged up constantly with unit research). Make it applicable to unit levels, say start at a higher unit level and only unlock at TH levels, etc… Only one skill set could be applied at a time, maybe even alter the unit appearance a little per tier (a lot heavier on the programming side to redesign every unit though)… It would add more strategy to attacking. Obviously if you select Attack buffs on all units, you may want to veer away from attacking a higher level base that will be able to wipe your units out with single hits. Much like the skeleton pre-nerf that allowed them to survive the wizard towers attack to a certain level for more than one hit.

    Building traits… Mortar attacks from 3-11 tiles (went by memory, probably not right, lol)…what if you could customize the mortar to attack 5-13 tiles or 1-9 tiles…. what about a tighter range with more power? What about a shortened range with more splash damage? This is the direction I'm thinking. The implementation of the Army composition tab really begins to open up strategic attack plans as you can see your whole army in front of you in one screen…. On defense, you basically drop your buildings where you can hope the attack ranges overlap and can cause the maximum damage. If you can alter these details, some defenses can be actual defenses and you wouldn't need a ring of expendable buildings to catch the "attack the closest building" troops off guard. I do like the 30% damage gets a shield/no victory set up, but there are 30% of your buildings which can be left unguarded (basically) to give the attacker a bump towards victory/trophy before they even go after TH or resources.

    Just a thought…EXP? Does it serve any purpose in the game beyond any specific level? Achievements? Maybe use the EXP system to implement the unit SKILLS/Building Traits system…?

    Lastly, an attack prep pane… For someone as experienced as yourself, the 30 seconds pre-attack may be enough time to know most importantly IF the attack is worth it, where to attack from and what army you already have in place is best suited for the attack…. How about after 30-seconds, either a new attacker must be found or automatically return to home screen… However if you do find (within the 30-seconds) the base you wish to attack…you would go to an attack preparations pane; be able to select unit skills, check that all units are ready (king/queen/warden/clan castle troops/spells) and then attack. I've gained a lot of trophies by someone MISSING the 'next target' button…not saying I want that to go away, but maybe give the attacker the chance to formulate their attack clan and actually be ready for battle.

    Altogether, I said it before, I do believe the game play itself and AI seem pretty much where they should be. I believe the game needs more customization for players to represent themselves/clans and be able to choose a proper strategy.

    I'm at TH 9 right now, with a clan "soda troops" (just moved there from my last clan that fizzled out with inactivity), username is Saphien. I'm heading into my first war with this clan and I see a lot of new players with no real direction as to what they are doing…L8 TH with barely upgraded defenses….playing for months/years with no way of advancing because they cannot defend resources. Changes to the game as such won't make a damn bit of difference for people on this level as stated, but the advanced/serious players will respect this and be able to utilize it to the fullest…would you not?

    In closing….I hope reading this didn't take up any clash time! And…I know you cannot actually make these changes happen, just thought I'd give you something to talk about in another video…

  9. People still use myspace?

  10. The skeleton giant would be my pick for a troop, so awesome.

  11. #AskPat do you think the eagle artillery is OP

  12. #AskPat I was just scrolling through my achievements list to see how many Chicken Cannons I had take out for the Gem bonus and it dawned on me there isn't achievements for taking out someones heroes while on attack. Obviously it would need balancing because a level 1 AQ can't be worth as much as a level 40 AQ. Can you think of some way to balance this, and if so, would it be a good idea?

  13. #askpat Do you really think clash will be fixed?

  14. Can you make a lower level clan for like, well, lower levels lol?

  15. #AskPat do you think supercell should add an invisibility spell ?

  16. #askpat I'm at twnhall 8 & I just across some major loot and had a choice to make between unlocking golems or lvl 3 mines I picked golems what advice you got for me for upgrades next time around

  17. #AskPat Do you think that clash of clans is dead, dying or went into a coma and is slowly being revived?

  18. Dear chefpat, clash of clans was ruined because of the "huge" update. My friends and I are all town hall 9's and we can't find look ever since the update came out, so this made clash of clans, the game I played since day one, turned into ?

  19. How do you make a YouTube video

  20. #ask Pat Do you think supercell should add clan betting. For example everyone puts a certain amount of loot in and let's say number 1 for each clan puts 700k each and they have to attack their own number but it's not about stars it's about per cent. If you get a higher per cent you get your money and his one combined. Like if you want this to be seen.

  21. What is you favourite game clash Royal or clash of clans

  22. Hi pat what is your favourite game clan royal or clash of clan # ask pat

  23. th9 needs lvl4 pekkas already.also a 3rd xbow, and a 6th canon.plus more walls. there is too big of a jump between th9 and 10.need to bridge that gap a bit

  24. They need to add the musketeer for th7 and up

  25. #askpat hey pat I was just wondering if u would consider doing a quest to champion using no heroes. It's just an idea

  26. I would like mini P.E.K.K.A

  27. #askpat when do you think clash royale will release to the U.S.? I've looked some places but it seems like no one knows

  28. the lava hound is the worst off. or def. they should upgrade it to help def and offense instead of new troops?

  29. #AskPat Is it a good idea for Supercell to create a mini inferno bomb, when troops or heroes step on it, they wont be able to get healed(from healer or heal spell) for a short duration of time.

  30. #AskPat What spell do you use the most and why

  31. 3:10 very subtle hint about single player maps. This is after all a Chief Pat vid

  32. how can u get unbanned?

  33. Fix matchmaking!!!!!!!

  34. #AskPat , do you think they should make the walls a little bit cheaper? Because Level 11 walls are 4 million each.. It's pretty insane.. Also don't you think SUPERCELL shouldn't be lazy and make the rubble of Town Hall should correspond to the Town Hall level?

  35. #AskPat
    Shouldn't you change your name to PlayClashAndRoyale?

  36. #AskPat member who want to leave clan need to be approved by co-leader or leader( just like when they are accepting to clan)

  37. #AskPat @PlayClashOfClans when will you start playing summoners war again?

  38. #askpat Do you think that supercell will ever make "mini wars" for the best people in your clan to have 5v5's. They could make them last 6 hours on the preparation day and 8 hours on the battle day. I think it could it could be something that supercell could implement into clash. Let me know what you think.

  39. #AskPat What do you think about a war mode where you could do troop on troop like battling clan castle troops and like league of legends

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