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Clash Mailbag – Clan Civil Wars, Hero XP?

Clash Mailbag – Clan Civil Wars, Hero XP?
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Here’s the next episode of my Clash of Clans mailbag – make sure to hit me up with your Qs for the next video! 🙂

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  1. There should be a way to pause the boasting barracks.

  2. Would u like a thing like the hero trap were it slows done Herod and lowers half there health

  3. What's your favorite troops

  4. lol i think lvl 11 walls are the best looking, what do you guys think

  5. Patrick, what would you think about a new resource devoted solely to walls?

  6. When you run out of troops it stops the raid… But if you only have a rage and freeze it doesn't stop the raid… Why???

  7. Heros came out before dark troops

  8. #AskPat
    What happened to your clan "Clashtronauts"??

  9. There is a forth resource gems

  10. If there would be new heroes, how would YOU balance them and what powers should they have and unlock at level 5 

  11. Why is D.E so hard to get at th7!?

  12. Chief, the heroes came out with dark elixir. The dark troops didn't come until later the next year, I think.

  13. What do you think of having an achievement of maxing out your base to your town hall level? It will encourage people to max out their bases and not rush.

  14. I want them to make a update where you can face people 1v1

  15. Clash mailbag: Whst do you think about this: If there is a new update and its very usefull you cant gem it for a week. Because its really really annoying if you do a war and someone has already everything max gemed etc. Example: the new dark spell update is there and you can gem it if you haven't enough gold but you cant gem it the first week. For fair plays in war. P.s sorry if my english isn't good i'm from Holland &&&&&& what do you think of lvl 4 dragon for th9?

  16. Hey pat do you think that super cell will let us rematch people in war that we tied with? 

  17. Do you think there would be an option to guard or un-guard troops in clan castle. 

  18. What do you think of the idea where you can name your heroes.

  19. What do you think about about a fourth dark spell which makes your troops invisible in its radius for a short time?

  20. I feel like if they're going to bring a new hero, it can be a Grand Wizard or something. Might be a little over powered considering how much damage wizards can muster up. But that's just how i feel.

  21. Do u think that the th should be upgraded with gold and elixir instead of just gold cuz of the fact that it is its own class of building

  22. When will you be going to space?

  23. #AskPat  What happened to your clan? I checked your Clashtronauts and at one point it had 10 members and closed and when I check it now it has 50/50 members.

  24. what if clash of clans had special events where we would have discounts upgrading stuff. I think this would be great cause it would help out upgrading walls(we have all been there) this would help out out a lot in my opinion

  25. What if you could level up hero's through XP in battles but every 5 levels you had to upgrade them to the next "tire" so at lv 5,10,15 and so on

  26. What if you could level up hero's through XP in battles but every 5 levels you had to upgrade them to the next "tire" so at lv 5,10,15 and so on

  27. Do you think supercell with make a troop that can alternate between ground and air? For example, a super tanky troop like a lava hound explodes into small ground troops.

  28. Patrick, how would the idea of taking two armies with you sound. Let's say I take loonion in my army camp, but I also take Barch as a second army and I can choose either army to attack with.

  29. What about a resource that goes towards your clan? It could be used to get certain perks (ex any member of clan has mine and pump boosts divided by half in cost). You could win this resource in battle, just like any other resource. You could have a storage for it, and you could only get this resource while being a member of a clan. If you were to leave, the resource would be automatically sent to your other clanmates.

  30. There was a game out there that I was really big into called backyard monsters. They were, at least for me, the first big strategy game like CoC. They eventually came out with a hero like system, their Heroes were much more powerful that the CoC heroes by comparison, but, you could only use one at a time. They had a freezer where you would freeze one hero and thaw another, the thawed one was the one that you could work on while the iced one remained at the same level until you thawed him out to work on. That was a system that worked for them, perhaps it could work for CoC

  31. Wow, i thought of civil wars and world wars on my own and i really want to see it in coc 

  32. We need lvl 5 healers, every troop should be slightly useful at every th level. Atm healers are crappy at th10. 

  33. Goblins need a BIG buff so they are useful for farming at th8-10

  34. Big fan pat What do you think about priorties for heros like setting king to attack town hall so he will go straight for town hall or setting queen to go straight for storages and ignoring other buildings and defenses on the way or setting CC Troops to defend town hall and they will stay around around the town hall instead of being dragged out and killed so easy? Thoughts?

  35. Hey Chief Pat I have a suggestion for a future clash update on a mailbag episode. I say you can have your troops be dressed up in these cool suited up gear that you buy in the shop. Your troops look more intimidating and plus maybe you can upgrade the gear and get your troops slightly more powerful but not too much to have like a barbarian as good as a pekka. Maybe for a punishment the troop takes up more space. Just something interesting I wanted to share :)

  36. So you said they should have made thlv9 heroes to lv 20, because what about the th9's who already had lv 30 heroes? +PlayClashOfClans

  37. I would say since you use dark elixir to buy and upgrade heroes there shoulde be a minion hero like the minion lord or minion prince.

  38. #askpat
    Do you think that supercell should add a option where you can train a troop composition and save it so whenever you Click a button that troop composition starts training ! Kinda like Boom Beach!

  39. Not sure if this was brought up or not but what if Supercell made an achievement for upgrading so many walls to a certain level. Such as a Th9 upgrading all their walls to level 9 and getting an achievement of like 100 gems or so? Just a little motivation to upgrade walls cause they do get boring upgrading just walls.

  40. What about invisibility spell? Just like the archer queens ability but is used with dark elixer.

  41. What do you think about a Goblin King boss fight? You would have to destroy a building in the center he is in, he would send you goblins and/or build defensive buildings to defend against you and it would progressively get harder. He is the main antagonist of the game after all and we don't see him even once after the tutorial.

  42. What about your leader puts in a request to do a clan war against a clan you requested to fight but the other clan has to accept or reject the invite,thoughts?

  43. #ASKPAT
    What are your thoughts on arranged wars and using upgrading heroes during wars?

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