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Clash Challenge #8 Preview: My New “Car”

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Here’s a preview of a Clash Challenge you’ll be seeing verrrrry soon… What do you guys think of my new car?


Check this out chief!

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  1. check it out guys its anme is
    if u need a clan then join mine=GuV TH10 OnLy

  2. How much? And u don't see people driving a tank on the road everyday

  3. Why did this make me laugh so much? XD

  4. He sat on gunners spot, not the drivers


  6. 0:16 Well I got one straight outa Compton. Top that.


  8. lol u guys haven't checked out my M1 Abraham till now?

  9. Hey @chief_pat instead of having a set loot bonus for a win regardless of how many stars you get, what do you think about a system where you get x loot for a one star, y loot for a two star, and z loot for a three star? That could possibly be an incentive to go for a two star when say farming, as well it wouldn't give the same amount of loot to someone who th sniped vs someone who grew starred a base kinda making the loot bonus equivalent to the effort it took to get the amount of stars on the base. What do you think? Would it be to difficult to implement or could you see this as a good change to the game? #askpat

  10. If u want to drive tank in road u will need disable ur cannon

  11. Blowing up a couple building here and there you know nothing out of the ordinary

  12. The hoes must go wild with when they see u pull up to da club…

  13. I know that youtube pays well
    but how can u afford a freaking tank ??? !

  14. cant imagine car sex in this

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