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This clan is just for upgrading your base. That's it. No wars. I donate everyday. I'm on at least once everyday. I can provide information and help you with your build. Farming, trophy hunting. Hybrids. It don't matter. I can help you. If your just looking to upgrade your defenses and everything else, we would love to have you. I also have another clan called WEST TEXAS. We do wars regularly there, donations and being active is a requirement to stay. Elder and Co are earned by being loyal. The leader in WEST TEXAS is Dr. Green. Either of the clans would be more than happy to take you guys and gals.

idk yet

How do you get a gem box


Level 40 to join must be active and use both attacks in wars we have upgrade weeks and war weeks

$Killa industry

We are kind of active and we donate allot and we do clan wars on. Wensdays and some times on the weekends


This clan donates and participates in many wars every week and we have what it takes to be good




Join the faces as we take on victory


Adult clan from all over the globe, all active and just having a good time

Duivelse Belgen

Hey we zijn een Belgische clan met een hoge reputatie(21000, 27 leden). Als je lvl 80 bent en 2000 cups ben je altijd welkom!

Royalty Inc.

Level 40+ Must Fight in clan war. Must donate. Love for you to join.

iran king


crown warriors

join this for wars n all r gupd n activ members we hav a lot of attitude..........

Meagar empire

Any body can join


Lvl 10+


This is a great clan with a good number of people in it

Vanilla Manilla

Were a Op Clan we Are active donate 500 troops for elder and 2000 troops for co leader clan wars weekly Treat each other with respect.

Pirate Creed

Our clan has been active since many months ago and has grown quickly.

Fowler fresh

Win wars. Active in donations but not too chattya

house of deep

Bunch of students that love deep house music, gaming and life in genral

satria bustomi

Densus 14


Stick around, attack in wars, and donate..... get promoted.

Gem leaders

Also we are sulu misting again to. Say we have 40 peeps so you need to join fast ty

Gem Leaders

Super awsome clan with all co leaders we war a lot and hope you join us we would appreciate silver || and up ty

Galaxy invaders

It wins a lot of clan wars




War clan


We are about 15 mature clanmates in the Houston area, mostly at TH8. We are looking for XP50 and up. We war twice a week, Sat. & Wed. and are generous with donations. Soon we'll be recruiting in in the Supercell forums soon. Clan is recently restructuring, having removed the slackers.


we want to be the best!
we brake and shake their village!

-ryan ''YEAH!!!''

worlds asylem

1400 to join . no rushed bases. donate!!! donate!!!


We do clan wars all the time and we donate a lot are clan name is kcms

Quantum's Web

best clan ever! champions only.

Cobra asylum

Established clan many members in clan are founders th9 preffered or good th8 LVL 4/5 arch ️️min and we are adults and very funny

inferno Town


Hope culture 2

Hope culture 2 is a clan for lvl 55 gold league players....250 donation for elder.....trust and donation for co leader


10 for elder 45 co leader


elder gained by donating 100 troops co leader gained from loyalty and respect. Wars every Thursday

Birra King

Birra is beer we sre new and would like to grow to become a force in war.Join and stay together it can happen


15 to25 members

expendable omes

Most of our people in our clan hi in school and players in clash of clans are in our school and we always give them free troops


My clan has about 4 spaces left.In Flysquad,everyone donates troops and always participate in clan wars.

American Pride

Active donations, nice players

suicyde squard

adult clan


Friendly clan we, war every Tuesday and Friday and participation is mandatory. other than that we are pretty easy going.


we donate good troops and we repect each other also we do a lot of clans wars!

Uk avengers

War twice a week over 16 preferd




be active loyal participate in clan wars and MOST IMPORTANT BE A GOON

Lights & Arrows

It is a Nepali Clan with high level troops and all the members here are very helpful and friendly and we accept Th 7+ only


We do loads of wars, this is the perfect clan for wars and loot. (Donation!!)



Spiders Web


the elites


ice ice baby



Be a good clan mate, don't be a traitor, hopper, or a bitch

Paradox life

Adult only clan. Female friendly active members fun friendly chat. Generous donators. High level troop donate.

Hussain united 2

We are the hussain united 2! We love war! 300+ donates for elder. Be active or get kicked!!!!!


This is the sis clan of the clan DestructivForce preticpate in war or get kick out


we don't care.. just have fun!!

Indonesia Raya

by the way, anyway.... goodbye..

Red flower soc

Great clan of keen players. Looking for active clan members wanting to play. Clan wars a lot. Lvl 9 preferred

clan RM

have fun

realm of fire

be loyal and have fun

Fight crew ü18

Wir sind ein ü18 clan, sehr aktiv und spendenfreudig!

Los des parchados de diferentes países

Solo unanse despues escribo re glas 😀

Top Villains

Active Clan loyal to each other active with wars WE HAVE FUN GETTING STRONG TOGETHER!


join and stay we are a clan in the making with around 10 members. We love clan wars and www have very active members and we also all know each other in person.

Bente Bente

we are a strong and united players

jdt mafia 360

Luaskan Kuasamu.....

Mighty Smashers

This clan helps ppl grow. we donate to anyone who asks, everyone is family n its great. join for free. donate 100 for elder n 2000 for co leader

sabah legend 1

We The Best Players...


It is a blue shield and a yellow flame and the name of my village is Raul


We are a clan of fun, motivated people, with our eyes set to the top!

Zeus' Astraea

New clan - we like to war, we know how to play, war twice a week and raid inbetween. Donations are level 4 + troops and we are all active and rich due to the enjoyment of raiding. Anyone accepted.

Leaf village

Our leader is sasuke uchiha i love this clan cause i am a naruto fan and we all have mostly cool names and win/lose we dont give up and we dont get angry at each other.A well balanced friendly active clan w/great info. Naruto


this clan is awesome we need more people plz join plz so we can be undeafeted


We're a new but dedicated clan looking for active players from all over the world to make this clan strong and powerful. We are from Bangladesh mainly

Punks of rebels

Just join

Thunder elitez

Lvl 60+ UK clan. Be active and donate. We give high leveled troops and are very friendly and supportive. War twice a week


Loyal, fun, warring, chatting, donating, clashing guys and girls! Several crystals, a master, TONS of golds. We celebrate together and guys and gals, IT'S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME!!!!! Look for the blue fire emblem shield. ~ wolf skreech

Gamed fashe555

We are 10 and we never lost a war, WE ARE THE TRUE WARRIORS !!!!


SAKAY NA MGA BOSSING SA KARATIG ENJOY LANG.BAWAL CHOOSY ,MARAMDAMIN AT DI ACTIVE SA GIYERA.MALOLOS KARATIG.WE ARE FAMILY..and i wish supercell make a hero of wizard a lets call him the white wizards

Braveforce 3

Join use both war attacks and loyal for co top 10 free co lets go braveforce

ice heart

ice heart

banter ec

We are new and recruiting for fun and we do clan wars occasionaly and we give elder frequently along with co if trusted

جمر الحرب



è molto forte l' ultima nostra guerra tra clan la abbiamo vinta 87 a 32 quindi siamo molto forti

gewoon oranje

Super gezellig! Co en oudste moet ere verdienen, goed teamwork in clanwars 🙂

Missoula Grizz



we will high to the end

Elite survivors

We chill push and farm, practice gowipes and gowiwi and donate a lot of max troops

areeba ashraf

lvl 50+ to join alteast lvl 5 archers needed..war is compulsary


We strong on farm, war once a week, lots of good donators, and we do not like leeches! only 70+ active players to join, we also screen hard for players to join.

the anjritzz

friendly global clan..

bay area22

bayy areaa join us for free elder and also be active


Join clan this clan is o.p


Troops lvl 5+


It is a clan that gets free co and donates alot


We welcome any serious clasher with 1100+! We are a war clan (ratio is 9:1) and we love donating! We have active members and enjoy chatting! Come join us and we shall clash together!

Ultra Slayer

Member must donate 30+ and elder must donate 50+ in 2 weeks!! No donate or attack in clan wars will be demote or kickout


We donate before we request witch means ask if anybody wants a certain troop. No drama, language to a minimum no cussing/ cursing for the kids that are or will join. Co and elder earned by donations. People should join my clan because we are verry loyal players and go out of our way to donate and make members happy. Also I'm on like all the time unless I'm sleeping. And even when working or something I check in on the clan. I'm a good leader. We need a strong clan.

Displaying 701 - 800 of 1061 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


  1. hey gyzz its knight king my clan is D Warriors unit. amd we need th8,9&10 members for our clan..if any one is intrested then please come amd join us.And follow us on Instagram @ dev_shekhawat_coc . thanku…

  2. Ihaveing trouble with the new up date not loading

  3. Join us, powerful war clan very close to lvl5, awesome donations,great bunch of members ranging from kids to adults,boys and girls multi nationality clan.. join The Inquistion..im the leader, Inquisitor..

  4. need a clan join epic empire can’t find the right one look for the one with me in it I’m savanna around lvl95 hope to see ppl join only looking for serious war pplz

  5. Join J!nxers! we r active donate what is asked and no cussing and have fun! the trophy requirements are 400 and we war when we can!

  6. join c c c c ! we are the most active clan of clash! we have level 2 clan perks already! search c. look for c c c c ! tadd the rad is the leader.

  7. Szukam graczy do clanu POLSKA KREW !!! Only polish players

  8. new clan called Floydada winds check it out

  9. Very good clan i am elder there and my name is Manu plz join us indians r wellcomed we donte lev 5 and 6 troop 24/7

    Good clan here needing some new player above level 50. We donate strong troops and appreciate it if you could join.

  11. Double submissions will be deleted!

  12. New clan. We’re from South Carolina need members. First few to join get coleader. FHRITP is the clan name join!

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