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Rising Dawn

we are a active and donated high level and we attack twice in war everytime and check out my YouTube channel at Buzzgaminghq




this here clan is the best!!!!!!!!!

Brick Squad #JUPLQ98

Level 4 adult clan war constantly..looking for serious members town hall 7 and up...must be able to donate and put your part in war...look us up and join....mention SURGE IN YOUR REQUEST

bye felica

A guy named tom in this clan has maxed troops

Quantums Web


wizzardi cz




evil unicorns

Join our clan because we donate tier 3 troops and we are very very active we are the clan that is lv3
And the best player with trophies is buddy Lil chicken05,ryan and our leader Nathan and Sam which is lil chicken and Sammy together have good and getting better troops for instance N&S and lil chicken have lv2+ Dragons and N&S has lv 2 pekkas

afiq rahimi




battle champs 2


Dark Mythz 2.0

Whatever....just join this clan 40 members...always war

Come on

Medical's Army 2

My sub clan from Medical's Army. This clan member for doctor or medical staff

all da champ$$$

we da best so join if you da best or get reked

all da champ$$$

we da best so join if you da best or get reked

Sas by Sus

Free elder co is earned by donating 150 and being active in war. Wars on Tuesday and Thursdays





Indonesia Rules

wiinings everything




Just tried http://clanshelper.com/ - I got free CoC gems here! Get yous too in less than two minutes!! Recommended for all clans!(pUPUGAycfj)

the born legacy

We are nice be active never cuss and be good

castle black

constant wars

sandaru sasanka

i wanna hack... how can i do it?

ايران تهران خوب

ما قريب به يکسال هست شروع کرديم،رفاقت لذت بخش ترين مورد در بازيامون هست،ادب و وفاداري و کمک و قانون مداري رکن هاي کلنمونه،تا 30 فروردين 94 ما تونستيم 92 وار رو ببريم،،،از همه جاي ايرانيم،ولي اکثرا براي سه شهر تهران،قم و کرمانيم

ايران تهران خوب

win war untile 18 april 2015:92
1 year together
Enjoy first of us,after help,after win war

ایران تهران خوب

The member of clan are very polit,and we have recpect behavior with all

SpartanZ WarioR

WELCOME to our clan!Open to all especially to our members.Help each other donate troops as they needed...Respect each other as a family!Use both attacks in clan wars!Spread love!.............. "" WE NEED LOYAL AND ACTIVE MEMBERS"" THANK YOU....

The Clan

It has 5 members and a black and gold flag with a yellow flame, please join, need players. Search for it in U. S. in advanced search. Thanks



the minutemen

the best welcoming clan out there based in the U.S.. Join our clan to have fun and war a lot!



Green tree

great clan we do war two times a week we are pritty full clan but thare will be room, free ealder, to also to say we donate some max troopse


Join us for or donations

flaming heart

Legendary clan u ll be ever able to see

Bubble Kitties

We love cats. Wars are every other Fri. NO ONE ABOVE GOLD III!!!!! Hope ya join us! 🙂


This clan is a clan that likes towing hates to lose and is a donating clan

marathi atitud



Be respectful. Donate before requesting. Ranks are earned... Don't ask. Clan War prep on Fridays, battle on Saturdays. Gold Rush record: dg45 (2,168,769 per hour). "we drink the blood of our enemies and vomit it back out on their dying corpses."

sweety unc teddy

very friendly


pilipno ka sali ka na

JF Clashers

People from JFBC are elders, We are devout followers of God.

exo awesome

We give trioops a lot and help people level up and free co



feathers heart

rules:be active,free elder,co leader is earn by trust and loyalty no hoppers allowed,bawal pasaway,bawal magmura,mirror attack,lagi war dito,so care to join us?


leader aj


Vener dans le clan BORGORE! On donne de toute les troupes. On est actif, généreux et PARFAIT! On vous attend!

pp Clash of Clans



Participate in war

Black Thunder

jomlah join clan aku

Pinoy #hashtag

All Pinoy Clan...


manyakis kami...

crimson rangers

war clan....friendly..war frequency always..active

Ghost Rockers

veel doneren is nog meer krijgen, leider promoveert oudste, 2× aanvallen in cw, ik wens u een aangename clan! 🙂

Torjack boyz

delighting our customer beyond expectation through continuous improvement with innovative quality products and services that perform reliably overtime


we have back to back wars


Gay as Fuck
Just Kiddin

just kidding about the just kidding part
yer gay as fuck

spike bucks

Northern Minnesota Clan. phoenix joshua lundy mtc black dog most trusted 50 elder 100 co leader. use both attacks in war


Pepsi rules and bacon is awesome! no room for vegetarians here. war on weekends, no drama, donate when you can.

غولان اسلامشهر

مکه این جا بادکانه که قانون داشته باشه

STI Novaliches

All players that is active and loyal, you are welcome to our clan 🙂

STI Novaliches

All players that is active and loyal, you are welcome to our clan 🙂

The Boys PH

Hello guyz join our clan strong or weak its ok free to join....our donation wizard dragon dark troops and other strong troops you want....thats all I THANK YOU....SO JOIN NOW!!!!


we are a can that loves to do wars and loves to help out our fellow team. we give elder away a lot and we hope you come and join the fun

killer cartel

we have a red and black flag. we lived I the us and do war constantly.

Cert clowns

Cool bases

Warriors of War

We are a war clan. Participation is required

Bro's b4 hoes

The bro's b4 hoes clan is a all time war clan and win most of the time the leader is ,rudeone, and then thars me tate in the clan we are town hall level 8 and 9


Filipino Players Join ! We need Players with max based aacording to their TH ! Be ready for an interview 😀 Enjoy -__________-


a clan i want to grow


It has all my friends and other


We are a US based adult clan looking to grow. We are currently recruiting th7s and up.


you are welcome


We won 30 wars and no defeat and always respect others!


We won 30 wars and no defeat and always respect others!


my clan is awesome my friend and his cousin are in it and like thirteen other people

great thompsons

We donate what is asked. We have a high war freq. You get kicked only if you fail to participate in war, become inactive, or behave poorly. Use both attacks. Promotions are done between wars, as well as demotions, and kicks. Don't ask for elder or co. With time, you will be promoted. War strats are sent by mail. Lvl 20+ to join. Th5+ preferred, but not required. Higher ranks donate to war clan castles, unless someone else is asked to help them.

Gummy Worms

we always fight in wars and its a friendly clan and no one gets kicked


Good clan

Absolute Sweden

Because we're an awesome team. Good team spirit, hugh war freq and aiming for the top in Sweden! Only swedish players can join!

loot renegades

We are a mature, friendly clan with lots of members willing to give great advice and great troops. We are an international clan and we clan battle often. If this is what you are looking for then join today! 🙂


Anybody can join us especially indians(we also members from USA and Phillipines). we are all from india. we are friendly, loyal to each other and fo best to gave what u ask. we are always in war and always won. in war we donate high lvl arch and barb, dragon, hogs, walkarie[no goblin or giants or healer]


were going to take the victory in glory

fidjuz d cabral

group of cousins and friends from cape verde island, most of us are new but full experienced pretending to take clash of clan to an extra mile., we speak criolo, portuguese, french, spanish... GO! GO! Clashers


Come join us in victory. First five to join get co leader

System of war

were a war clan who focus on loyalty and fun, we have a range of players from lvl 100 to 50 join us - leader is james and o ITz Magicz x


We go to war once a week. Use your 2 attacks during the war. Ask that players stay active. Donate troops. We respect each other in our clan and no foul language. Have fun is the key.


USA War driven clan. Fiercely Loyal. Family Oriented. Clean and fair.

V1P Yagbolz

Members are all active in clan war

Alpha Decay

we are the best of the best. we never give up amd strive for success


We Are stress Free Clan that loves to bust chops, if not offended easy then this is the clan to be in. JOIN THE STEW!!!!


Das ist ein Clan





Depths Of War

We are from The Depths, Reloaded and Ready to War! Donate what is requested or get the

dhaha's clan

my clan lvl


NewChicagoGangLand is a clan that is open to anyone who is trying to get to champion league.....join here



Displaying 401 - 500 of 1064 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


  1. hey gyzz its knight king my clan is D Warriors unit. amd we need th8,9&10 members for our clan..if any one is intrested then please come amd join us.And follow us on Instagram @ dev_shekhawat_coc . thanku…

  2. Ihaveing trouble with the new up date not loading

  3. Join us, powerful war clan very close to lvl5, awesome donations,great bunch of members ranging from kids to adults,boys and girls multi nationality clan.. join The Inquistion..im the leader, Inquisitor..

  4. need a clan join epic empire can’t find the right one look for the one with me in it I’m savanna around lvl95 hope to see ppl join only looking for serious war pplz

  5. Join J!nxers! we r active donate what is asked and no cussing and have fun! the trophy requirements are 400 and we war when we can!

  6. join c c c c ! we are the most active clan of clash! we have level 2 clan perks already! search c. look for c c c c ! tadd the rad is the leader.

  7. Szukam graczy do clanu POLSKA KREW !!! Only polish players

  8. new clan called Floydada winds check it out

  9. Very good clan i am elder there and my name is Manu plz join us indians r wellcomed we donte lev 5 and 6 troop 24/7

    Good clan here needing some new player above level 50. We donate strong troops and appreciate it if you could join.

  11. Double submissions will be deleted!

  12. New clan. We’re from South Carolina need members. First few to join get coleader. FHRITP is the clan name join!

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