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daylems iran

daylems iran


its cool

žërø därk 3Ø

Awesome clan lvl 70+


We are a network of three clans, a main clan, a feeder clan, and a donation clan. Our core values are improvement, respect, and power. We require to donate good and often, as we will donate well to you as well. We alternate between periods of farming and trophy pushes, with clan wars often and in between. To earn elder and co-leader, donation and service as a member are required. Our main clan, U.W.S., is lvl 50 and above, however, if you wish to join our clan at a lower level you may join our feeder clan, U.W.S. 2. Type in "U.W.S." (Without the ") to find our clans. Our banner is a red one with a flame in it. We welcome all new members! Remember to respect others.

God of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

800+ trophies Have fun 🙂 always will do are best in clanwars.

Lao Zha Bor

-To get coleader you must be at least gold 3 and participate in at least 1 clan war per league season
-WARNING: Clan will reset (kick everyone out and invite everyone back) to clear all war records if we don't win 1st clan war.
-No one start clan war unless leader says can.
-Donate lots
-Min to join: 1000 trophies


Top 15 are elder.
Donate more than you receive.
We fight about 2 wars per week.

A great place to join if you are serious about fighting in wars! We are a mature group and are quick to give donations.


awesome and gives u dragons


Donate a lot



bros worldwide

Our clan is a nice, accepting clan who welcomes players of all level


1. Nett sein
2. Bei dem Clankrieg mit angreifen !
3. Deutsch oder English sprechen können !(Obwohl die Beschreibung auf Deutsch ist xD)

senne D.

CoC Europa

Ares Dida

Anyone can join
rules : no swearing , no braggin, no changes ti the
clan page and have fun !!!!!

Holz V Gaming


cleen fire

We were closed but now we are only open for players lv 70 and up, or close to 70 as long as they got LV 5 archers. No town hall rushers allowed. We r not trophy pushing but got a good amount of trophies, we r extremely active, donate tons and make wars very often.

Team Regal

We donate quite well every season. We have loyal players and we kick out all in active players.

Scottish rite

-good clan
-win in wars


free nothing

Blazing Inferno

250 donations for Elder. Top donaters get coleader with min of 2 seas in clan. No swearing. Be active. Min of 200 don/season

The magister

The magister is a great clan with adults. We need better particapation in wars and in chat so join!!

kopp lin krew

We're about growing our clan from the bottom up. We each take the time to teach the lower levels individually. We also make it a rule to donate proportionately. If you take 1 you give one. If you only have level 1 gobblins, then give it. We certainly have no problem sharing Witches, Level 5 wizards or anything else for that matter. Finally, we have wars. Monday, and Thursday mid day, we start the search, then we fight the following day. Not enough warring? If any memberr wants another war, Throw it out in the chat window. With more than 50% positive response, we begin. Oh yeah, if you are active, you continue. If you don't fight in the war, or are just sucking resources, you're gone. We are a tight group, we keep it fun, and we are close. We like to keep it fun. But we don't Tolerate harsh language or harassment to any of our prople. Unless, it is in the form of improving, but even then, its only started when You ask for reccommendations.


We are active! Lvl 40+

lightning guns

we need power

Siam Kia

We welcome people with maxed archers

Awesome peeps

Awesome clan for Awesome peeps


free elder. town hall 5 required. to be co, donate, fight in war, and be loyal.


Suomalaiset +40lvl tervettuloa (Only for finnish)

BIG pu5⃣5⃣ies

18+ clan to join must speak English level 75+ please if your up for a good laugh join us most of us have max troops thank you please

Grot's Rots

War clan looking for great attackers! Lv 60+ mature players




Mature, loyal, friendly clan where we help each other succeed.

Adventure time

It's named after a tv show

Christ Alone!

A Clan for Christians

NRW Clasher

Ab lvl 50 und Silber 1 nett sein und Spenden Clankrieg wichtig AB HEUTE 20:30 POKIJAGD ALLE KÖNNEN MITMACHEN !!!


people join and leave in war and we need more people also we still donate a bunch 🙂



Fuh QQ Babies!!

Join us we are new And need ppl we donate 24/7 leader

Dark Tanks



Everyone knows personally another person in the clan

the imortals

respeito,ajuda,vitorias em guerras,tropas fortes

Huynh clan

Have fun. Team Work. Be respectful. Donate 200+ to be elder. Clan of Fearless and Brave!

Fierce Coyotes

Our clan only consists of 3 members. We require that you keep the language clean, donate, and support! We are mainly looking for Town Hall 7 or gold league members. We are looking forward to meeting you in our new clan, Fierce Coyotes!

Merk'N 'EM

The best clan since 2013

Merk'N 'EM

The best clan since 2013

Casper dog

We love to have wars non stop we are like a family and we are active we are mostly moderately high level a few level 70's and a few 10's and up currently we have only 11 people 🙁 but we'd like more thank you!

Hot Chicks

We are full of girls all 45 and are sexy to win we donate alot and are all single join to get some


We are loyal noble and always active but kost of all we donate non-stop


Adult clan with active members

Cool Friend

j20/14,free elder,co is earn,donate when people request or get kick,use both attack in war or get kick and have fun! dont


my team rocks that's my team


Ein deutscher Clan mit freundlichen Mitgliedern!
Es werden regelmäßig Clankriege bestritten, aber auch Pausen eingelegt um zu farmen, aufzubauen oder ähnliches. Bist du interessiert? Jeder kann uns ab 1200 Trophäen beitreten.
🙂 LG Wr4xz

Indo Unity

Joins here. This clans donate a lot of troops. Just for loyal and active players. Lets make this clan bigger together!


We LOVE war, but we LOVE quality players better. We don't tolerate freeloaders or abusive talk or language at all. No age limit, but you MUST be active. Otherwise Crocketom is VERY supportive of ALL members.

Paderewski II

Free elder we win lots of clan wars we are a war clan only 50 donations for co leader and gold 2 and up get free co

Delta force beta


Ollie Clan

We need people for war

Dirty Thirites

Most of us are in our 30's and are all very active and talkative. We war twice a week and participation is a must during the wars. Donations must be close to the amount received.

True Allegiance

A clan with very strong players and in-house competitions. True Allegiance is very active and warm with all its members.


Finn for the win rules no cussing to leader
Leader starts war free elider


Ligerriffic is looking for quality/active/social lvl80+ adults! We are all very sociable and focus our efforts on farming and having clan wars 1-2 times a week.

We are currently undefeated in war, at 19-0. As you would imagine we have a group of smart and skilled attackers.

Currently there are 35 members. We keep the clan around 30-40 as we stress the importance of quality over quantity. Right now 1/3rd of the members are lvl100+, but we welcome all lvl80+ adults.

So if over 18 years old, lvl80+, social, and ready to win in war...come and check out "Ligerriffic!"

Jump Street

Started a new clan a couple weeks ago! We have 17 members and are looking for people lvl 60+! Everyone is very active and donates troops! We are 4-1 in clan wars!

A dirty Old man

Very active members lvl 75+ here with all level 5 +troops. We won our last clan war by 75 stars. It's the best clan out there.

️Alpha Assassins

Green & Yellow Clan Symbol. Very active, friendly group of players. Must be Silver league or above to join, and participate & do well in Clan Wars to stay

Displaying 1001 - 1064 of 1064 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


  1. hey gyzz its knight king my clan is D Warriors unit. amd we need th8,9&10 members for our clan..if any one is intrested then please come amd join us.And follow us on Instagram @ dev_shekhawat_coc . thanku…

  2. Ihaveing trouble with the new up date not loading

  3. Join us, powerful war clan very close to lvl5, awesome donations,great bunch of members ranging from kids to adults,boys and girls multi nationality clan.. join The Inquistion..im the leader, Inquisitor..

  4. need a clan join epic empire can’t find the right one look for the one with me in it I’m savanna around lvl95 hope to see ppl join only looking for serious war pplz

  5. Join J!nxers! we r active donate what is asked and no cussing and have fun! the trophy requirements are 400 and we war when we can!

  6. join c c c c ! we are the most active clan of clash! we have level 2 clan perks already! search c. look for c c c c ! tadd the rad is the leader.

  7. Szukam graczy do clanu POLSKA KREW !!! Only polish players

  8. new clan called Floydada winds check it out

  9. Very good clan i am elder there and my name is Manu plz join us indians r wellcomed we donte lev 5 and 6 troop 24/7

    Good clan here needing some new player above level 50. We donate strong troops and appreciate it if you could join.

  11. Double submissions will be deleted!

  12. New clan. We’re from South Carolina need members. First few to join get coleader. FHRITP is the clan name join!

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