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Vegas Bacon

No clan wars. Just chill and upgrade!


Update: one season donations totaled 23,000. Unbeatable!!

Organized ChaoZ

We win, we are active, we like family, join the best or die like the rest, we max TH completely


Secret Power of each resource account, gems, elixir ,gold. 🙂

Made in UK

Join us for constant wars! We are a strong clan with high level players, troops are constantly being donated, even witches!

Slayin' Dragons

Русский клан, принимаем игроков от 40 лвл, для клановых войн.


26 wins, 180000 points. War, prep, war etc. Active, active, active! Lots of chat and donating. Level 60 plus, gold minimum. Elder is 500 donates. Co is earned. You want a fun clan, this is it. You looking for defense only, p!ease don't bother. Not for the meek of heart!


26 wins, 180000 points. War, prep, war etc. Active, active, active! Lots of chat and donating. Level 60 plus, gold minimum. Elder is 500 donates. Co is earned. You want a fun clan, this is it. You looking for defense only, p!ease don't bother.

shiraz bahar

for shirazian players


Small clan but we want to grow and win some wars!


FIRST of all we speak spanish if u want to join, adult clan means 18 years and above
very simple rules, i only want people that upgrade everything , means barracks , all troops, all defenses all spells, all stores, etc i know its very hard but its a challenge, 800 trophy to join, active, and participate in clan war thats it.

clan ayuntamiento 11 , lead rudigerus from town hall 4 to 7 you can join



Adult Clan With Very Loyal Member. We Are Still Growin But Working Hard On Being A Top Clan. It's A Great Clan With Great People Who Do All They Can To Help One Another Out. We Try To Make The Most Of Upgrading Our Base. If Your Looking For A GreatUp & Coming Adult Clan Look No Farther.


We are a smaller clan (looking to expand) with players of all levels from Gold 2 down. We are looking for regular players who will participate in clan wars and troop donation. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Look for Robert (leader) & BABOSU (co-leader)


come and get strong

Reino Imperial2

Donor and respectful clan, the clan is secondary / academic of the main clan called Reino imperial with over 17000 trophies. We speak English and Spanish. Only 800 trophies are required. We're expecting you, a hug and see you soon

Reino Imperial

Donor and respectful clan, the clan is secondary / academic of the main clan called Reino imperial with over 17000 trophies. We speak English and Spanish. Only 800 trophies are required. We're expecting you, a hug and see you soon


It's an awesome clan just needing a few more players to join to make a 50 player clan thank you and please join our clan





Top Nerd Monkey

You should join my clan as we are loyal to the people who joins, when we are on we give troops that they as for and we are a uprising clan which will improve in the future and we can achieve this by you joining our clan, to join our clan you would only need 400 trophies and be loyal to the clan and earn your ways to be promoted to elder and co leader.

mighty men

we have champs that donate

Da Butt Kickers

We are awesome duu

Night dragons

We have a lot of really good people who donate


The leader is kel25


We real about this clan, ready for war at all times..get down or lay down..we don't care, because we taking over..


We are a serious war clan, undefeated in cwars. 5wins 1tie. Constant wars. New clan on the rise looking for town hall7 and higher.

Austorm Origins

This clan is the last surviving clan of the Austorm family 2 of them have been wrecked.

Bloodthirst 1.2

Ours is special beacause we are all friends

Cali Tr33z

calitreez.enjin.com. Donate\ Request. 280 Donations a season. Lvl 4 arch and wiz. WAR is serious. Dont demand WAR\PROMO. We are very active and most of us have been together a long time. Easily one of the best clans to be in, plus we are WAR machines. So come check us out.


We have fun!


We r a great clan we have fun all the time we donate a ton of troops edler is free look for the clan member named ($ZACK$) I'm a co leader there and u have found the right clan

coc 23


iran metal

46cw won

Indo future

Indo join disini

Pak Pride

Open for all pak

Banga's nl

We are a good clan

Sky War

respeito,doar só o pedido,atacar 2 vezes na guerra,só expulsar pessoas com permissão do Baldruk ou Xvatar e recrutem bastante!


Donators looking to become an epic clan! We grind...

Indian Dragons

we guys rulz..Leader : abhi devil hunk

M.V.P Clan

join and see for yourself


My clan is one of he best clan when u say any troop with lvl they give u it in 10 sec and we win many wars

errol faust

we won't go down in the war without a fight, you can burn up our clan and our bases and our walls but our spirit will never die

Gang Alliance

Wanna build this new clan. Lend me ur strength.

Afghan Clan

we are full, we don't need more members 😛

Bigdaddys hood

Bc we donate a lot

pro players only

d best

Bangka chinese

I dont remember

I.C. Tuition

We are a war clan! We have war non-stop. We donate and we're kind to others! Join now!

last warrior

-keep enjoy- and have fun


Because the clan name is cool


work As A Pack!


We are a friendly and competive clan. Found by Ronnie. Please donate and be active in wars and enjoy with us!

D theDino

Must be 60 level plus, have level 5 basic troops, like archers, be active, adults only,no freeloading, new members must donate first to prove themself to the clan we have a great group of people from all over the world. You must speak english

Old Bulldogs

Adult only, team-oriented clan. once a week wars with all members donating and helping each other.


Need more people for clan wars


Pink Fluffy Unicorns


always donate troops LEADER:Spertyo

Flamin Donkeys

We donate a lot of goo d troops and it is not hard to get elder or co-leader

wolf clan

All are welcome donations are apretiated and advice will help welcome all new comers i love u all

Speed killers

We destroy clans and
we win


what flag looks like
red and yell striped

YKPS United

Everyone can join, your level does not matter you just have to be active and donate a lot.


join looking for loyal people 200 donations for elder sorry no more co leaders. and try to donate more than you receive. we have a few crystles and a few spots left join we are active.


Cause, this clan need more member for a win in the next batle:)

File 13

We take the game seriously, we play to have fun, but mostly WINNING so join up we accept all levels, but no hoppers, and no idiots

Persian War

1-Ehteran Be Yek Digar 2-Donate. 3- CW Akhare Har Hafte. 4-Raft O Amad Mamnooe 5-Elder Donate 1500
Leader:AmirEbrahimi. Co-Leader:Naghme-BiHamta97-Adelante

Frozen Bomb

This clan is really active we donate good stuff and you can ask for stuff we have dragons wizards balloons and other good troops

Raging Flame

Look for the names coola or hordeking to get the correct one. We donate hogs dragons valkeries and whatever else you need. wars are every 3 days.


Friendly, great donating and helpful clan. Peka sand golems are available



Hero Team

Clan español activo normas: 2 ataques en guerras, donar mas o menos igual que pedir y buen rollo en el chat

Retro Ninjaz

Go Seattle Seahawks

Rebel Kountry

Just a bunch of rebels join us


Just some guys looking to rise to the top
and a girl


The clans is SkyLanderPower we alwas start the clan war and donate to people my name in clash of clans Andy not my relay my name


We prosper

indo clasher

Orang indo?blom punya clan?join sini aja membernya setia dan baik2 siap clanwar kapanpun

TS Legends

Join! We pwn. Great troops, good war record, you'll like it

Pink taco eaters


Iowa Invaders

come join the Iowa Invaders

Mr boxer

Have fun

kick it hard

We need active n loyal members. Respect others n grow together


Kepp donations level otherwise keep cool don't ask for elder unless I know you
And have fun also donate before you receive

Clash Tastic

We are strong clan! JOIN US NOW!

Knights Counsil

We have an incredible war win ratio, high on donations, very active clan. Elders & Co are earned, we request a 1:2 donation/request ratio. Very strong clan with very helpful high level members. You will definitely benefit from joining our clan....

Slovak Kingdom



War , prep , war. That's what we do. Be active and use all atks in the war. We are family.


this is a good clan . I am a member of it : ermiya .
If you join and you tell me you have joined , I will make you a coleader.

The Chiefs

We Are A Small Clan That's Mainly Focused On Making Weaker Players Strong....
Our Clan Leader "Chief Bubba" Is The Best....

Check Us Out!!!!


Its a work thing!

We Are RCS

We are a group of Christians, from RCS in Colorado. We love talking, goofing around, but we don't go overboard. We need active clan members, and if you aren't, you cant stay. We do well in wars, and donate a TON. (dragons 1-3, healers 1-3, hogs, minions, and almost anything you want.)


This clan is great people donate but you have to donate to stay in the clan


We are really active chat is active 20hours a day the other 4 everybody is sleeping at that time. How are we active? Members from different time zones. SUPER Fast Strong donations. Clan Castle gets full in the 5 seconds of request. Unless you request for Dark Elixir Troops might take a bit to cook. (Train) WARS are started right after thy finish last war was 70-22 we go all out and attack when war starts and wreck havoc on the enemy base. Think its a lie join for your self and find out (;


iran black

just iranian

daylems iran

daylems iran


its cool

žërø därk 3Ø

Awesome clan lvl 70+


We are a network of three clans, a main clan, a feeder clan, and a donation clan. Our core values are improvement, respect, and power. We require to donate good and often, as we will donate well to you as well. We alternate between periods of farming and trophy pushes, with clan wars often and in between. To earn elder and co-leader, donation and service as a member are required. Our main clan, U.W.S., is lvl 50 and above, however, if you wish to join our clan at a lower level you may join our feeder clan, U.W.S. 2. Type in "U.W.S." (Without the ") to find our clans. Our banner is a red one with a flame in it. We welcome all new members! Remember to respect others.

God of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

800+ trophies Have fun 🙂 always will do are best in clanwars.

Displaying 901 - 1000 of 1059 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


  1. hey gyzz its knight king my clan is D Warriors unit. amd we need th8,9&10 members for our clan..if any one is intrested then please come amd join us.And follow us on Instagram @ dev_shekhawat_coc . thanku…

  2. Ihaveing trouble with the new up date not loading

  3. Join us, powerful war clan very close to lvl5, awesome donations,great bunch of members ranging from kids to adults,boys and girls multi nationality clan.. join The Inquistion..im the leader, Inquisitor..

  4. need a clan join epic empire can’t find the right one look for the one with me in it I’m savanna around lvl95 hope to see ppl join only looking for serious war pplz

  5. Join J!nxers! we r active donate what is asked and no cussing and have fun! the trophy requirements are 400 and we war when we can!

  6. join c c c c ! we are the most active clan of clash! we have level 2 clan perks already! search c. look for c c c c ! tadd the rad is the leader.

  7. Szukam graczy do clanu POLSKA KREW !!! Only polish players

  8. new clan called Floydada winds check it out

  9. Very good clan i am elder there and my name is Manu plz join us indians r wellcomed we donte lev 5 and 6 troop 24/7

    Good clan here needing some new player above level 50. We donate strong troops and appreciate it if you could join.

  11. Double submissions will be deleted!

  12. New clan. We’re from South Carolina need members. First few to join get coleader. FHRITP is the clan name join!

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