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TH9 War Base & Farming Base Layouts

Town Hall 9 War Base Layouts If you’re Town Hall 9 and you’re going to war you often see higher Town Halls hitting your base – that’s why a certain kind of Anti 3-Star approach started evolving in the past month. …

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Discord – Town Hall 10 Teaser/Labyrinth Farming Base

Pros and Cons Pros Cons Unlurable CC Non-Anti-Earthquake Spell Can’t Freeze both Infernos WTs are pretty close to Ads Anti-Giant Anti-Lava Hound Infernos covering Storages Perfect protection for DE Storage Innovative Air Sweeper placements Base Mechanics The anti-Giant is one …

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Arma 2.0 – Transcendent TH9 Farming Base

Arma 2.0’s Features Anti-AQ Core Most players use their Archer Queen to snipe the Dark Elixir Storage because of her high damage and perfect range. This base can prevent them from doing that easily with the space between the core …

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Southern Star – Farming Base for Town Hall 7

Southern Star is a new loot protection base layout for Town Hall 7. This base looks like a star from the Australian flag, that’s why LachlanS, the author of this base, names it Southern Star. Let’s take a look and …

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Mountain Lion – Farming Base for TH8

Mountain Lion is a new solid farming base layout for Town Hall 8 which was designed by thegreatbazing and based on the new AI meta from the July 1st update. With the decent splash damage power and trap placements, this …

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Crux: TH9 Farming Base Anti-Hogs/Giants/Balloons

Crux is the new Ash’s Town Hall 9 farming base with Anti-Hog Riders, Giants and Balloonsfeature. Not like other TH9 farming base, this one can protect all storages and give the Dark Elixir Storage maximum protection. A TH10 version of …

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