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I suck at YouTube…

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – YouTuber War | Team Judo vs Team Klaus in Clash of Clans [2018]

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – YouTuber War | Team Judo vs Team Klaus in Clash of Clans …

1st BRAwl Game in MONTHS!! "Clash Of Clans"NEW ABILITIES, CHESTS and SOCCER!!

1st BRAwl Game in MONTHS!! "Clash Of Clans"NEW ABILITIES, CHESTS and SOCCER!!Rate this post Brawl …


  1. CAAAAMMMM!!! What you could do is prerecord a bunch of videos to release on days like this.

  2. The music is time lapse – TheFatRat by the way 🙂

  3. Switch yur name to Camsucksatlife

  4. Dont be mean cam dummies cam is awesome

  5. cam ur funny and awesome

  6. Hey cam no hate but what happened to outlast

  7. Say your cats name more often

  8. I bet that the one Q N A he didnt post, I was actually in

  9. Fuck u cam, u suck at life

  10. Cam you shouldn't feel bad if you think your vid is bad just upload it anyway we will always love your vids👌👌👌😀

  11. Cam what happened to your CoC can

  12. U could change ur channel name to cam sucks at comedy or cam sucks at everything, or throw the whole cam sucks… Idea out the window. Just an idea😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀. Good luck for the future.

  13. Bro, do whatever you want… I've been watching you sense 400,000k and ive liked all of your videos, true subs will watch whatever you post

  14. We still love your channel

  15. chhris ill give ya billion dollars plz gimme that kitty!

  16. well damn the samething happened to me on amazon when i ordered JustCause 3 ps4 damn they said that itll be by 2 weeks and it showed like only 2 hours left for package to deliever then they postponded it to f**** 3 weeks! later my mom recieved the package and said it didnt even call me. i checked amazon it said it was delieved i was like WTF who is evil mom or amazon later i got to know my mom hide it somewhere in kitchen


  18. New name Cam sucks at everything

  19. Cam i wish oneday i get to take i photo with you i hope you rememberd me from you clan btw someone kicked me

  20. Gta 6 is a bad for kids for nude and shit

  21. Cam you have more subs than galadon nick and mylstic7 congrats on 1.3mil bro btw I made it in to BarbariaNPro

  22. i actually liked it…

  23. Can sucks at sucking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  24. Background music at the beginning

  25. I really enjoyd the vlog

  26. cam can you play minecraft

  27. U lazy cam! U can't take just 2 hrs a day for ur vids in all 24 hrs!?

  28. Its is me or cam always uses ThisIsTheFatRat soundtracks in his videos

  29. UR THE BEST YOUTUBER EVEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Fuck off, Donald Trump, I'm trying to watch Cam.

  31. Dude i couldnt take a shit on what u post ur a true insperation u just do whatever u want all of us will enjoy… i hope lol😜Gd luck CamaroBro😛

  32. Now I want to know what happened to your ps4

  33. Cam, Bro i will love to watch all your videos you are still funny and you are the best youtuber ever

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