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  • Builders are the workers that live inside the Builder’s Hut.
  • They can upgrade, build and rebuild structures.
  • They can upgrade your Heroes.
  • They can also remove Obstacles such as trees, rocks, bushes, etc.
  • Only one Builder can work on a building at one time.


  • Always use your gems on builders first rather than resources or finishing an upgrade. Be patient.


  • When a builder is inactive, small z’s will appear from the roof of his house signaling that the builder is resting and is available to be assigned to an upgrade.
  • They can upgrade anything but Troops if you have enough resources and your Town Hall is high enough.
  • A builder runs with his hammer in his right hand, but builds and removes obstacles using it in his left hand.
  • It is actually possible to get the 5th Builder for free although it does take a while.
  • You do not need a Builder to add Decorations or Traps.
  • When the Builder is running, it moves as fast as a Goblin, and when walking, it moves as fast as a Barbarian.
  • The Builder does not always go to the same Builder’s Hut it came out of.
  • If the player moves an inactive Builder’s Hut, a Builder will be seen lying down on the spot where the hut used to be (but not actually sleeping). In older versions, the Builder is not seen lying down when the hut is moved; instead, there will be a dark spot of the Builder’s shadow.
  • When the Builder is upgrading something, it takes him 1 minute to create 88 strikes of his hammer on the building.
  • Two builders can be seen in the Fort Knobs village in Single Player Campaign.
  • If a Builder Hut is placed on another building and you go to village edit mode before it moves automatically, then hit edit on your active village, then hit cancel, then exit edit mode, the builder will appear to sleep outside of its hut.


  • First Builder’s Hut – You already have this Builder at the start of the game.
  • Second Builder’s Hut – 250 Gems. (However, you are forced to purchase this Builder.)
  • Third Builder’s Hut – 500 Gems.
  • Fourth Builder’s Hut – 1,000 Gems.
  • Fifth Builder’s Hut – 2,000 Gems.

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  1. The builder’s hammer changes from left to right hands and vice versa when changing sides of the building he is working on.

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