Home » Video's » BUILDER HALL 4 “3 STARS” BH 5 | Clash of Clans | How Did I Win?

BUILDER HALL 4 “3 STARS” BH 5 | Clash of Clans | How Did I Win?

BUILDER HALL 4 “3 STARS” BH 5 | Clash of Clans | How Did I Win?
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Builder Hall Level 4 “3 Stars” a Builder Hall Level 5 in Clash of Clans. How did I win?

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  1. cam can I join with full TH8 or do I need to be +TH9

  2. cam can i join i am town hall 8 maxx

  3. Am I the only person who realised that it was a builder hall lvl 3 in the thumbnail

  4. I met this guy in global and there was this lvl 220 so i clicked on his profile and it Was a TH7 😐 1mil donations 👏🏻

  5. Don't upgrade the walls

  6. I want to join your clan Cam

  7. walls aren't really worth it.

  8. pinoy wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. We know you got money to spend but please use that clock tower

  10. lol i have lvl 25 king and lvl 30 queen at th9 i can join but im lazy

  11. i love cam and his vids (not in a sexual way )

  12. when you see a hole put it on the hole

  13. did cam just say the gem mine i s stupid how is getting free gems stupid

  14. Any BarbariaNParty clan for builders pushing people??

  15. Hey how do you get into your clan if it is closed? Im max th9 with lvl 29 queen and lvl 25 king
    Archer queen is going to lvl 30 in one week. Please let me know, I would love to join!

  16. fuck you boy.
    you said 3 stars on bh5 and you are showing this shit.
    fuck you

  17. I'm unsubbing I was a maxed townhall 8 and barbarian party rejected me

  18. Donald Trump says upgrade those walls.

  19. Very Funny beginning of video Cam

  20. lol the BH5s he won against are brand new and not max he would get smashed but a max BH5 with his current troop lvl and no BM

  21. "Jeez, I can't even grammar" 😂😂

  22. Lmao that intro was fucking hilarious

  23. How the hell are u at 2500 with BH4…I can't get past 1700

  24. thank u so much omg i just 3 stared a bh5 base (i am bh4) thx ofr the attack strat <3

  25. Who else liked the video only because of the intro?😂😂

  26. It doesnt matter if he has a mortar when youre attacking with dragons…

  27. did cam confuse bh4 with bh3 and bh5 with bh4

  28. The intro builder halls are wrong

  29. It hurts me to watch this because I'm at 1800 (I'm maxed bh4 except for walls) and all I get is bh5

  30. this guys bed is clash of clans, its relaxing enough to gain energy i guess 😂

  31. Chris you had one job!!!!!

  32. Bro I copied the base totally battle machine killer

  33. Make more builder hall videos of clash clans

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