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“This big blue dude digs the simple things in life – Dark Elixir drinks and throwing rocks. His massive boulders bounce off their targets and hit again behind it for double strike!”

Bowler1&2 Bowler3
Level 1 & 2 Level 3


  • The Bowler is a deadly troop that throws a large boulder that bounces once dealing splash damage on the initial bounce and dealing splash damage when it lands.
  • The Bowler is the first ground troop that’s capable of attacking more than one target with splash damage in a straight line.
  • Bowlers have no preferred target when attacking; they will simply attack the closest building to them. However, once they become aware of enemy Clan Castle troops, Heroes or Skeleton Trap skeletons (either by being attacked themselves or being near another friendly troop under attack), they will leave their previously targeted building and engage the enemytroops instead. Once all of the nearby enemy troops are defeated, they will proceed to attack the nearest building from their current location.


  • The Bowler doesn’t have a lot of hitpoints so it can be taken out when not protected, so be sure it is behind tanks like Golems or Giants.
  • The Bowler can be a great unit for funneling due to their ability to be able to hit 2 structures at any given time. This allows better funneling compared to using Wizards.


  • The Bowler has splash damage similar to the Wizard. But unlike the Wizard, the Bowler can reach deeper through the opponent’s Troops allowing the Bowlers to take out damaging units such as Wizards, Witches and the Heroes.


  • At initial level, the Bowler is a blue muscular humanoid creature that wears a loincloth around his waist bound to him with rope and carries a large bolder in the shape of a bowling ball. He also has a yellow band on both arms.
  • At level 3, the Bowler’s skin becomes a slightly darker blue like the Minion, and the boulder gains pink crystals sticking out of it like the Golem.


  • It was introduced in the March 21st 2016 update.
  • You can have a maximum of 40 Bowlers at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Army Camps. This number increases to 45 if you include the 5 that can fit into a level 5 or higher Clan Castle. On the battlefield, you can clone an additional 10 Bowlers with two level 3 or higher Clone Spells.
  • When clicking on the Army Camp; like the Lava Hound, the Bowler turns away from the screen.
  • The Bowler’s level 3 upgrade is tied with the Archer Queen’s level 40 upgrade as the most expensive Dark Elixir upgrades.
  • In May 4th 2016 update, the bowler’s first attack starts faster, similar to the Valkyrie buffs.
  • Part of the May 4th 2016 update, the Bowler’s training time has been decreased from 8 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • The May 24th 2016 update reduced the Bowler’s housing space from 8 to 6.
  • The Bowler was originally a troop idea for Clash Royale, but being scrapped was shared with Clash of Clans.
    • Ultimately, the Bowler was now added in one of Clash Royale’s updates.


Preferred Target Attack Type Housing Space Training Time Movement Speed Attack Speed Dark Barracks Level Required Range
None Area Splash 6 5 m 14 1.5s 7  Two buildings directly behind one other


Level Damage per Second Damage per Attack Hitpoints Training Cost Research Cost Laboratory Level Required Research Time
1 65 97.5 310 130 N/A N/A N/A
2 75 112.5 340 150 120,000 8 10 days
3 85 127.5 370 170 200,000 9 14 days

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