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BH 7 Gameplay | WHEN IS IT COMING? | Clash of Clans

BH 7 Gameplay | WHEN IS IT COMING? | Clash of Clans
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Clash of Clans Builder Hall 7 is here! New Defense (Giant Cannon), New Troop (Drop Ship), new upgrades!!

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  1. Man! That Mega Cannon BLEW ME AWAY.


  3. Luv Ur Intros's Man…I ws sad after seeing ur intro my mood change lol

  4. Wait wait wait… Who's NubBro again?

  5. Bh7 is soo nice and cool can't wait for bh8

  6. you have 618 trofeas 🤣🤣

  7. anyone have a second account that they don't play?? I want a account to give donation to my main accoun which is only th7

  8. That moment when can attacks himself and calls himself a nub😂😂

  9. Did anyone notice that he clicks a defense, there's a Upgrade on da defense, cam exposed ( idk )

  10. He is attacking the same guy wtf

  11. Only real fans will remember that intro…

  12. Why do you train seprately when u can switch troops in the fight or match you dont have to train troops you wants

  13. Cam, its not needed to upgrade your walls to max, its as effective as a max level wall because the bomber still takes 2 hits without his ability. The only disadvantage is that the battlemachine takes less time to break the wall.

  14. how do u get the dev build?

  15. Clash with cam then cam sucks at gaming now clash with cam

  16. I want Bh1 to BH8 coc private served can you give me link

  17. How do you get a developer builder

  18. Am I the only one who noticed that he is attacking the nub bro dude again and again

  19. brought back the old intro 😉

  20. drop ships are just air witches

  21. giant cannon : papa carl
    cannon : baby carl

  22. Corn achieve wine blood tooth beat narrative outside.

  23. diversity coat ruling senior system fear when helpful would instrument within.

  24. I’m not readdyyuyyyyyyyyyyu

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