Home » Video's » BH 4 BABY DRAGON 3 STARS, SO EASY | Clash of Clans | Builder Base Best Attack

BH 4 BABY DRAGON 3 STARS, SO EASY | Clash of Clans | Builder Base Best Attack

BH 4 BABY DRAGON 3 STARS, SO EASY | Clash of Clans | Builder Base Best Attack
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Builder Hall 4 Baby Dragon 3 star attack strategy in Clash of Clans! How to 3 Star EASY!

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  1. I get matched with so much bh5 rushers with battlemachines but bc of them having 2 firecrackers my baby D's are really bad against them and my giant and archers also bc of the doubl double cannons

  2. stop apologising dude, It's awkward to watch you explain about gemming the whole time…

  3. You know what's funny The thumbnail shows cam getting 3 starred

  4. bruh how did he not yet have his clock tower wtff my base was like his level when he posted this vid but my clock tower was level 2 ( a few days later and it's level 4 now)

  5. stupid attacks.. the bases he is attacking not even have air bombs.. i m always getting BH 5 to attacks.. they have 2 ADs nd 1 air bomb

  6. You'r fucking shit you fucking big forehead shit

  7. İ fucking hate this nigger

  8. The beginning clip was from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain ❤️

  9. I'm proud of myself ,i'm a maxed out builder base 4,my walls are maxed,defenses,and troops and i spent no money or gemmed anything.I'm going to builder base 5 now.
    1 day and 13 hours left 😇

  10. Clash with cam there was a attack the attacker has 4 Giants the Giants Go on a springtrap and He get 0%

  11. Encontre a slenderman en este video xD

  12. I fucking hate you I just dropped 2000 trophies

  13. my dragons are lvl 8 and they still suck at raging

  14. How about, learn how to or be patient??? That's why some companies got rich!

  15. lol those bh 4 were rushed asf tho lmao

  16. the baby dragon at the thumbnail looks like licking the screen

  17. Somebody send this man a sandwich!

  18. I'm a max bh 4 all I need is walls and bomber I'm stuck at 1700 🙁

  19. i have maxed troops without gemming

  20. can i send you a friend request? what is your code?

  21. this man does not skip head day lololol he sure does skip upper body tho

  22. thanks this helped me a lot

  23. How you have 2200 trophies??? Im in builder hall 4 and my defences are maxed except walls, and my troops levels are higher than u, but i cant go higher than 1800 trophies cuz all my opponents are in BH 5

  24. Was the intro from "Johnny got his gun"?

  25. battle machine 🅱️roke

  26. Head to body ratio is a bit disturbing

  27. im maxed th4 and i cant get over 1700 trophies i allways meet some noob bh6 but i cant win bcuz the roaster and multimorter is too op and ur a noob bh4 not maxed and ur at 2400 trophies and meet noob bh4
    Like wtfs that logic

  28. I love this strategy with max troops

  29. Some one got zero % on Mt base

  30. I fought a guy and he got zero percent i got fifty percent

  31. I would hope youd win with maxed troops since your going against non-maxed bases. You shouldn't have needed to gem unless you suck at attacking. Guess you suck at attacking. Sorry I watched this video, geesh😒smh

  32. Guys leave a like if u agree with this! Ok they need to bugh those fire crackers beacuase at level one it only had 300 hp I'm getting 3 stard by baby dragons

  33. If your troops were sucking, you were swallowing

  34. Good thing it's night becase THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZER

  35. Kinda funny how I'm 500 cups lower as a BH4, yet I have not vs another bh4 since 1700

  36. Gets frustrated after losing 3 freaking attacks. 3!

  37. You should try giant and archers or barbarian and archer

  38. You dont need the clock tower, if you gem everything bro

  39. Ur heck is long and skinny and ur head is huge

  40. im max BH 4 i just need to max my lvl 3 wall

  41. I like how u blame the troops but ive seen some of ur attacks and u suck sometimes

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