Home » Video's » BEST BUILDER HALL 4 ATTACK STRATEGY – Giants & Archers – New CoC Update #13 | Clash of Clans

BEST BUILDER HALL 4 ATTACK STRATEGY – Giants & Archers – New CoC Update #13 | Clash of Clans

BEST BUILDER HALL 4 ATTACK STRATEGY – Giants & Archers – New CoC Update #13 | Clash of Clans
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The Best Builder Base Level 4 Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans! Boxer Giants and Beta Minions crush base layouts at BH4 in the New CoC Update. This Let’s Play Episode 13 showcases the most powerful, and in my opinion, the best BH4 Attack Strategy, the Boxer Giants and Beta Minions including a 3 Star Attack! Ultimately one strategy will not suit every base design and the final battle of the episode highlights the importance of adaptability. It uses Beta Minions to take advantage of no Archer Tower or Air Defence coverage in the south. Bombers to blast open a gap in the walls whilst Boxer Giants and Sneaky Archers take the Builders Hall for the 2 Star. The key aspects to pick up from this how to guide is to create a funnel with Sneaky Archers, test Boxer Giants and get them into the base, opposite the Crusher defense. Sneaky Archers then take defences on the perimeter and help to secure the 2 star. This is a beast attack strategy and I hope this tutorial within our lets play series helps. Let me know what attack strategy you think is best for Builder Base Level 4. This episode was recorded in June 2017 and therefore new updates or balance changes may affect the strategy. Clash On!


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  1. wow level 8 giants congrats

  2. this is very helpfull. thnks

  3. I us giants and archers to I'm getting my giant to 8 but my archers are already 8

  4. Noice video i like this attack strategy ima try and use. It

  5. I usually use this method or 9 giants 6 archers. Now I can see how to tactically use it depending on defenses. thanks!

  6. Hey man, that last attack was so cool.. Your videos are always the best when it comes to attack strategies. Thanks for the strategy, I will try to get up the ladders by this.

  7. ur too good with ur attack strategy,

  8. Like it how you react to every comment. Great video btw:)

  9. I have a really weird way of going rambo and spamming troops everywhere without thinking..
    Anyone here has help with that?

  10. Hmm, interesting. I'm upgrading bdrags to 8 right now, but giants and archers are definitely next. Good stuff, you did it well, thanks. 🙂

  11. Awesome video mate, really very helpful. I'm at TH3 atm, just a few hours left for TH4 to complete, and then I too would be able to build my own builder base 🙂 btw just subscribed you for your quality content 🙂

  12. good stuff.. have my giants 8 and archers 8 and love that strategy. But last attack was very helpful. Haven't used bombers yet.

  13. thnx it was really nice to watch this episode, it open my strategies a lot farther. keep them coming.

  14. gotta get them lv8 giants! my bd are lv8 so now its time to upgrade the giants.

  15. found your channel and subscribed! Great content mate 😃 can't quite get your accent! was gonna say Geordie but leaning more towards Boro, Sunderland? I'm from near Darlington! keep up the good work 🙂

  16. Liked and Subscribed Tho! I used this strategy but wrong way that is why it doesnt work.So now It Works.I hope So.

  17. hey judo make a base build video of the base you're currently using for your bh4 base and fyi i just subbed to your channel 🙂

  18. hey judoi saw u in tournament

  19. I get matched with bh5 or 6 and I'm only 17k trophies this strategy has only gotten me like 39% lol. Mortar kills archers. I wish I'd actually match with a bh4 but like war this matching sucks.

  20. I'm stuck attacking builder hall 5s and 6s and I still win most just using archers

  21. Can't find a single base with out mortar even when im bh4

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