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Best BH6 vs BH7 Attack Strategy – Clash of Clans | Builder Base 3 Star Giant Bomber Cannon Carts!

Best BH6 vs BH7 Attack Strategy – Clash of Clans | Builder Base 3 Star Giant Bomber Cannon Carts!
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Best Builder Hall 6 vs Builder Hall 7 Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans. 3 Star Attacks with Giants, Bombers and Cannon Carts. CoC BH6 vs BH7 Battles. The Boxer Giants, Bombers and Cannon Carts is a great strategy for the high percentage 2 star and sometimes even a 3 star attack on the correct base layout. You want to ensure that your Giants will not clump up too much and try to distract the Giant Cannon with them. At the same time try to angle your Battle Machine onto the Crushers. Bombers destroy the path ready for your Cannon Carts to wreck the rest of the base. It is an amazing strategy to have the ability to 3 star Builders Hall 7 base designs which include that brand new defence. If you have any other tips for attacking a BH7 as a BH6 player then share your strategy below. This video aims to teach how to attack with the BH6 attack strategy. Clash On!


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  1. Made… video on th10 queen walk ….with bowlers

  2. Bro , From which side should we attack ? Most of the bases in my trophy range (3000-3200) are unsymmetrical, in that case it's very hard to choose the side. Can u say like opposite of giant cannon etc . Help pls

  3. i'm loyal to the giant-bomber-canon attack, but witches and minions are op right now on BH7 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Thanks for this video bro ! I am waiting for this video ., because I am bh 6 I am struggling to attack attack bh 7 . But you helped me a lot thanks man

  5. This is so helpful for bh6 when you reach 2900+ cups.. i'm getting match up against a lot of bh7 almost max bh7..

  6. LOOOL i already use that strat!

  7. My one is Judo sir ie., 1camp b.dragon 2 camp minion and 1 camp witch it brings only 2 stars,…plz make some more videos to this topic plz,… sir bh 6 vs bh 7

  8. Now,.. i am unable to reach 3000 trophies in bh6 against bh7,.. my best in only 2848,…so help me by providing some more videos,.. thnks

  9. I use baby minion and I get the three star… rarely lol

  10. Can i use it for bh5 i maxed battlemachine and all troops?

  11. what’s your tag? when this new update comes out, i want to copy your base lol

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