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Battle Machine

Battle Machine
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“This massive machine broke attempting to hoist the realm’s biggest hammer. With some repairs, it could be taken into battle!”

BattleMachine1 BattleMachine2 BattleMachine3 BattleMachine4
Level 1-9 Level 10-19 Level 20-29 Level 30


  • Battle Machine is the first Hero in the Builder Base.
  • He sits atop the Battle Machine Altar when not attacking.
  • It goes into battle wielding a large hammer, attacking Buildings or enemy Troops with it.
  • Unlike the other heroes, the battle machine will not defend.
    • However, his altar will still be there.
  • Unlike regular troops, you are not required to bring him to battle after he falls in battle.
  • At level 5, the Battle Machine unlocks the Electric Hammer ability. The ability, aside from regenerating a fraction of the Battle Machine’s health, also electrifies the hammer, causing the Battle Machine’s damage to increase for a short period of time. Unlike other hero abilities, the Battle Machine can use the ability multiple times in the same battle.
    • At level one (ability), the electric hammer disappears after three hits.
  • The battle machine can currently only go up to level 5, though more will come.

  • Use Electric Hammer when he is next to high-hitpoint buildings or crowded area to get more destruction. You can also use this against high-damage buildings to prevent the threat from staying up too long.
    • This ability is especially deadly against the Crusher(s), as it helps him withstand a lot of damage as well as take it out if it is all by itself.
      • A Battle Machine going 1 on 1 against a relative level Crusher can take it out without using the ability.
  • He can tank for troops such as Sneaky Archers while they do the damage behind.
  • The Battle Machine can tank shots from the Multi Mortar or Roaster to protect troops behind him such as the Night Witch.
  • If you have unlocked the Battle Machine’s ability, a good strategy is to deploy the Battle Machine in a corner and immediately use its ability. The Electric Hammer lasts until the Battle Machine gets three attacks, so by the time it wears off, the ability is much closer to being fully recharged than if you deployed it and used its ability normally. This means that early on the Battle Machine would quickly be able to get six hits with increased damage as opposed to three.
  • You can allow your troops to do damage to the base before sending in the Battle Machine to destroy the Builder Hall (if it has not been destroyed) and/or finish off the remainder of the base. An example would be using an all-Baby Dragon attack with the Battle Machine; the Baby Dragons can destroy a large portion of the base before the Battle Machine is sent in to destroy the Builder Hall.
    • It can be useful to destroy Double Cannons and Crushers with your troops before deploying the Battle Machine, since the two aforementioned defenses are dangerous against the Battle Machine. This is advised especially if the Electric Hammer ability has not yet been unlocked.

  • When rebuilt, the Battle Machine appears to be a wooden robot with metallic joints and support controlled by the Master Builder in its head.
  • At level 10, a shoulder blade is added on its right shoulder. The hammer is also surrounded by a metallic ring from top to bottom.
  • At level 20-29, the shoulder piece turns gold as does the hammer’s ring.
  • Game files reveal another upgrade difference for the Battle Machine; at level 30, the shoulder blade now has a gear. The hammer also appears to be bolted on the sides.

  • The Battle Machine is found at the bottom right side of the player’s builder base surrounded by Obstacles when broken.
  • The hammer it wields could be a reference to Thor’s hammer. In the description of the machine, it says it broke attempting to hoist the “realm’s biggest hammer.” Also, the hammer has an ability to do with lightning, kind of like Thor’s hammer.
  • The Battle Machine is the only hero that is not based on a troop. It is also the only hero that is not a living thing.
  • The picture in its description page shows the Battle Machine’s hammer in its left hand; however, it is actually in its right hand during a battle.
  • The description before the rebuilding of the Battle Machine reads, “This massive machine broke attempting to hoist the realm’s biggest hammer. With some repairs, it could be taken into battle!”
  • The Battle Machine seems to have a secret compartment when zoomed in his own controls and sometimes you can see the Master Builder just pushing and pulling the controls without any sense at all.
  • On 6/26/2017, the Battle Machine gained 5 new levels, maxing out at level 10, due to Builder Hall level six being released.
    • The same update also changed the scaling of the Battle Machine’s hitpoints: originally the Battle Machine had its hitpoints increase by 2% per level at all levels (including levels past 5); the update decreased the scaling past level 5, such that levels 6-10 increased the hitpoints by 1.5% and levels 11 and above increased the hitpoints by 1%.
  • On 9/27/2017, the Battle Machine gained 10 new levels, allowing it to be upgraded to level 20.
    • The announcement of the update originally planned the Battle Machine to only gain 5 new levels (up to level 15), but for some reason, levels 16 to 20 were added as well.

Icon Upgrade Tapping this icon begins upgrading the Battle Machine to the next level, if you have enough resources and a free Builder. When the Battle Machine is at maximum level, this icon is not shown.
Icon FinishNow Tapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, instantly finishes that upgrade at the cost of the displayed number of Gems.
Icon Cancel Tapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, cancels the current upgrade and refunds half of the upgrade cost.

Preferred Target Attack Type Movement Speed Attack Speed Range Ability Cooldown
None Melee (Ground Only) 16 1.2s 1.25 tiles 14s


Level Damage per Second Damage per Hit DPS in Ability Hitpoints Regen Time Ability Level Upgrade Cost ElixirB Upgrade Time Builder Hall Level Required
1 125 150 N/A 3,600 5m N/A 900,000 12h 5
2 127 152.4 N/A 3,672 5m N/A 1,000,000 12h 5
3 130 156 N/A 3,745 5m N/A 1,100,000 12h 5
4 132 158.4 N/A 3,820 5m N/A 1,200,000 1d 5
5 135 162 405 3,896 6m 1 1,300,000 1d 5
6 137 164.4 407 3,954 6m 1 1,500,000 1d 6
7 140 168 410 4,013 6m 1 1,600,000 1d 6
8 142 170.4 412 4,073 6m 1 1,700,000 1d 6
9 145 174 415 4,134 6m 1 1,800,000 1d 6
10 147 176.4 441 4,196 7m 2 1,900,000 1d 6
11 150 180 444 4,238 7m 2 2,100,000 2d 7
12 154 184.8 448 4,280 7m 2 2,200,000 2d 7
13 157 188.4 451 4,323 7m 2 2,300,000 2d 7
14 160 192 454 4,366 7m 2 2,400,000 2d 7
15 164 196.8 492 4,410 8m 3 2,500,000 2d 7
16 167 200.4 495 4,454 8m 3 2,600,000 3d 7
17 170 204 498 4,499 8m 3 2,700,000 3d 7
18 174 208.8 502 4,544 8m 3 2,800,000 3d 7
19 177 212.4 505 4,589 8m 3 2,900,000 3d 7
20 180 216 540 4,635 9m 4 3,000,000 3d 7

Electric Hammer Ability

Ability Level Damage Increase Health Recovery
1 270 800
2 294 850
3 328 900
4 360 950
Battle Machine
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Battle Machine
Battle Machine is the first Hero in the Builder Base.
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  1. Can you take it to battle during the 12 hour upgrade?

  2. Just tried. Rebuilding the broken battle machine needs 12h as well.

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