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Basic Funneling Guide

Basic Funneling Guide
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Your probably asking yourself “what is funneling and why is it important?” funneling is the strategy of controlling the direction that attackers take when assaulting your village. When you design your base correctly you can confuse troops into doing what you want them to do such as circling areas you don’t want them to get to and engaging traps more efficiently.


This first photo is an example of how you can control the direction of the battle once your base has been breeched. if attackers are able to gain access to your village they will be compelled to move in the direction that shows the least amount of resistance.

This strategy dose two things. First as you may have notice it directs attackers to areas where you may have placed traps and bombs and secondly it diverts attackers from moving into the interior of your base by giving them a route that is open.

*Note that archers used correctly and wall bombers can negate this but no base will be perfect. most funneling designs work best against Giants and Barbarians.


This is the same idea but used on the outside of base with access being freely given in order to direct troops towards traps and also to direct them into the path of a heavy defense items like a mortar or wizard tower that dose a large amount of splash “area” damage to multiple troops. the cannon is used as bait. the reason a cannon is used is that troops like giants attack defense items first and will target defenses without surrounding walls.

*Note if a mine or collector is used for bait it will not attract giants which normally will be your main target at lower level Town Hall LVL’s


This next picture demonstrates another outer wall funneling strategy. With this you direct attackers attempting to attack the outer wall with “floating Walls” troops will attempt to go around them and Wall breakers will also not attack a wall that is not enclosed. Since most people release there wall breakers in a group this strategy could be devastating against the right person.

path of troops


*Note … remember to place spring boards between to defenses. What this dose is forces attackers to concentrate in large groups while attacking the first defense and when they move to the second defense multiple targets will hit the spring board at one time. 

If you have any questions please post them in the comments below!

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