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Who is the most powerful new troop in Clash of Clans? The Miner or Baby Dragon?? NOPE!!!

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  1. How can I join your clan, I'm in champion 2

  2. Does your clan have a feeder clan, keep up the good work ?

  3. Hey cam can I join ur clan

  4. camero can i join ur clan plz open it

  5. I came back from Australia two days ago

  6. 7:30
    '' I dont have to take out the archer queen , or something''

    That right there is whats wrong right now with valks , bowlers, miners .

    No plan, no proper spell placement, just yolo drop the troops and get the loot and 3 stars

  7. cam what is the secret to winning wars? because our war log is like…a fail

  8. do want to go to nepal please reply

  9. Bowler strategy – Use ONLY Bowlers.

  10. Spiders it's better than Tump

  11. The sad thing about RedMarkD's base is that if you lightning the mortars and then barch it, entire th compartment is yours. Even with all the bombs and other traps. Another funny thing is that he was watching his base get destroyed

  12. Mate, don't worry about the snakes, croc's or dingo's…beware of the drop bears.

  13. Cam, I'm trying to do some Clash of Clans vids, and I was wondering what recorder you use. I keep trying to find a good one, but can't. Thanks!

  14. Oh great there's snakes in my country. What a surprise I've never seen one in the wild. Bro, if you live in the middle of some major city in Australia, you're gonna be alright.

  15. How come I can't see BarbarianParty I type it in the search section and nothing shows

  16. When it's alone, maybe the baby dragon just needs a bar of snickers

  17. 4:12 She would have been able to "queen" up all these fricking buildings.

    I'm sorry. Please proceed to roast me.

  18. It pisses me off how often Cam misses his queens ability…

  19. who is that pokemon? is the bowler!

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