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Arma 2.0 – Transcendent TH9 Farming Base

Arma 2.0 – Transcendent TH9 Farming Base
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Arma 2.0’s Features

Anti-AQ Core

Most players use their Archer Queen to snipe the Dark Elixir Storage because of her high damage and perfect range. This base can prevent them from doing that easily with the space between the core buildings and the walls.

Anti-Archer Queen
Red X = Destroyed Buildings.
While lines = Archer Queen and Archer pathing

As you can see in the image above, after destroying all X buildings, the Archers and Archer Queen will move to either the Mortar or the Wizard Tower nearby then move around the base until being taken down.

Breathtaking Inner Funneling

The Hidden Tesla is used as a trap to separate the enemy Giants from normal troops such as Barbarians, Archers or Goblins as you can see in the screenshot below:

Breathtaking Inner FunnelingWhite lines = Giants’ funnelling
Yellow = Archers’ targets
Blue circle = Highest damage place.

Giants: After destroying the Hiden Tesla, the enemy Giants will target the Archer Tower nearby and walking through the Double Giant Bomb for attacking the Cannon and the Spring trap between the Cannon and the next Archer Tower will fly them off. If the attacker has enough Giants to survive after that, those Giants will start hitting the wall in front of the Air Defense and being hit by Tesla and the X-Bows.

Archers: After taking down the hidden Tesla, the enemy Archers will target the Archer Tower and being hit by the Mortar nearby. If the Archer can go inside and hit the Gold Storage, the Giant Bombs will be activated and will be hit by 2 Mortars at the same time.

Giant Pathing

You can see the Giant Pathing from everywhere in this base.

Normally the attackers want to break the funnels from where it ends, but the Hidden Tesla does a great job is luring the Giants away to protect your first defensive layer

Giants and Wall Breakers
Green = Wall Breakers
White = Giants

Most players deploy their Giants and followed by Wall Breakers to use them as the tankers. Unfortunately, Wall Breakers are much faster than Giants and they will active the Hidden Tesla before the Giants and will be destroyed immediately. The Giants will attack the Hidden Tesla and enter the inner funnel as I showed above.

Other feature: Centralized Clan Castle.

Defense Logs

Above are couples of recent defense logs of this TH9 farming bases against different strong army compositions and as we can see, this base works very well. Just try this base and you will love it – that’s all I can say!


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  1. Not much of anything works in a way of defense when you have stacked fairies on the Archer Queen. Its just a matter of waiting for the clock to run out. MAYBE a special anti Fairy trap needs to be developed to help prevent this growing problem. So many changes have taken place causing the game play to not be as fun as it use to. Questions arise, why have defense troops in castle to help defend you base when they will just get poisoned. why build walls when earth quake spell will take them out (I’m not rushed!!! Max defense and troops for TH and working on walls) when they took the air traps away from fairies (that we worked hard on up grading to defend our base) now are almost worthless. Some changes need correcting to compensate for these loop holes.

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