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Altar of War is recruiting! (TH9, TH10, and TH11 players wanted)

Altar of War is recruiting! (TH9, TH10, and TH11 players wanted)
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Clan: Altar of War (#P9JQVV00)

To apply, please fill the following form in the comments below:
– What Town Hall level are you?
– What are the levels of your Heroes?
– What is your favorite strategy?

Thank you for applying and I will reply back as soon as I can to let you know whether you’ve been accepted!

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Want to join my clans? We only recruit the best players in the game! Think you got what it takes? Apply now:
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Hardcore War Clan: http://forum.supercell.net/showthread.php/773892-Altar-of-War-For-Players-Serious-About-Wars-%2A%2A%2A

Clash of Clans is a 2012 freemium mobile MMO strategy video game developed and published by Supercell, a video game company based in Helsinki, Finland. The game was released for iOS platforms on August 2, 2012.
Initial release date: August 2, 2012
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  1. Th11, def not max, heroes max, use bowler walk in war

  2. Clan: Altar of War Request to join 2 Players
    – What Town Hall level are you?
    Th10 Max Defence , Th11 Max Defence
    – What are the levels of your Heroes?
    Th10 Queen Lv40 King Lv35
    Th11 Heroes All maxed out
    – What is your favorite strategy?
    Th10 Qwalk Gowiwi
    Th11 Qwalk Gowiwi , trying all new kinds of strategy , currently in legend league

  3. town hall 3, my heroes are barbarians archers and giants all level 1 my favorite strategy is all giants. can i join??????

  4. Th9
    Max defense
    Max offense (Even goblins ?)
    lvl9 walls (+some lvl10)
    140000+ donation ? →lvl129
    King lvl20, Queen lvl18
    555 war stars (that's almost 666 ( ・ิω・ิ))
    can speak English ?

  5. Currently in a clan but would like to join yours!
    Town Hall: 11
    AQ: 13 BK:15 GW:5
    Trophies: 2531
    I use a balloonion style attack sometimes modified with archers or goblins when farming

  6. hi Ash, would really love to join your clan, i'm th9 with lvl 17 barb King and lvl 15 queen, all Maxed troops for th9 except valkyries. can i join even if i'm not English or American? I candidati speak English Very Well though

  7. – TH 9
    – BK Lvl 18, Queen 20
    – max. Defense execept Walls (25 Lava, rest Lego)
    – fav. Attack: GoHo
    – IGN: bla

  8. The clan number I'm in is #88G9U0VY my name is Mr Hollywood in case you want to check my base status. Queen is about to be 37 King is 35 warden will be 12. I usually use a standard go wipe to get the easy 2 star in wars. Looking to vastly improve my war strategy and learn from the best.

  9. Th10 lvl 171 tropps maxed BK 27 AQ 25

  10. th9
    barb king lvl 10
    queen lvl 7
    favourite strat : gowipe and goho

  11. Ash can I join? I have two accounts: Max defense th 9 walls are level 7-9 (rushed them sorry) My troops are close to max and my heroes 14/14 I can two star any th 9 but need to work on three stars I am trying Hard to learn using your videos! Also a almost maxed th 8 that can three star using Goho and all drag. Please respond I will try to get better!

  12. -Th 8
    -Lvl 2 barbarian king
    Favorite strategy is to use Giants, Dragons, Wizards, and Wallbreakers

  13. My account is P40Thunder24 and I'm mostly eager to learn new strategies for wars

  14. th11 #2QUJ2Y2C id: DonDon
    max heroes, max def except walls
    currently at legend league

    my friend th 9 #GLYGGLYP
    id: ironunicorn
    barb king: level 18
    arch queen: level 18
    max th9 def, except walls
    currently at master III league

  15. Im Looking or TH8 & Th9, War Players..Altar Of Titans #L899890GG….Highest Win strek 36 & 28… 6 War lose B'cos of Mismatch 75 war Wins…..Check Out Altar Of Titans….Thks

  16. hi..max def TH 9, king n queen lvl 20.hound 2 updating in lab, hogs lvl 5 loons lvl 6.. GoHog and lavaloons with queen walk fav strategies..Can i join?

  17. th9
    account name: ben
    king 14 (upgrading to 15) queen 15
    max offense (only valkyrie is lv 1)
    canons, 2 air defends and air sweepers are not max for th 9
    my favorite strategy: lavaloon
    i want to learn golaloon, goho and giant hog healer strategy

  18. th 9
    lvl 15 queen. king upgrading to 12.
    practicing goho and golaloon
    lvl 4 golem. lvl 5 hogs. lvl 2 hound. lvl 6 loons.

  19. What Town Hall level are you? 9
    – What are the levels of your Heroes? king – 24 queen – 26
    – What is your favorite strategy? GoVaHo but i have been doing queen walks with loons/hogs for a few weeks and tend to do those more often.

    Been doing 3 star attacks for a very long time now and love your videos so would really appreciate being able to war with you!

  20. What Town Hall level are you? th10
    – What are the levels of your Heroes? Barbarian King lvl 12,Archer Queen lvl 11
    – What is your favorite strategy? GOWIPE AND AQWALK

  21. can i join i am not level 9 10 11 but you can help be level 9 10 or 11 you can find me at instrgram my name is SPEED RACER$$$$ all caps if you do like my pics and tell me there

  22. New TH10-no inferno building third xbow
    AQ going to 27
    King to 25
    Gowiwi, but valks going to level 5 and will work on go a

  23. th10
    level 20 heroes (king 19 currently moving to 20)
    lava loon
    ps only a newbie th10 so that's why my heroes are low, not because i have rushed

  24. -th10 lvl142
    -bk & aq lvl 30
    can I join ash

  25. I'm a bit late but ill still try:
    Th9 Lvl:116
    Max Defenses(For th9)
    Max Troops(For th9)
    430 war stars
    I speak English and I Love War
    Lvl 20 queen and lvl 17 king hope u reply :)

  26. We are still accepting new applicants.

  27. TH 9
    Both king and queen at lvl 16
    Favorite attack is GoWiPe
    I'm serious about learning and war
    (clan name is rubes88)

  28. Town Hall 8
    Barb King Level 10 in 4 days
    Zapquake, HoGiBarch, GiBarch and GoWiPe

  29. Th9
    BK10 AQ5
    GoVaho, GoWiVa, GoBaVo, Mass Valk
    Serious at war

  30. can i join as TH8?

  31. Th9
    King. 14
    Queen 19
    GoLaLo Queen Walk

  32. hi ash …. honestly im th8 i wanna join ur clan to learn more about Different type of strategy im very weak but if u can let me join i will be so glad ….wait for ur answer

  33. Hi Ash, are you still accepting applicants ?Im a new th 10 only 2 days agoLevel 27 king and queenMy favorite attack strategy lately is queen walk and govalk

  34. – What Town Hall level are you? 10
    – What are the levels of your Heroes? Barbarian King 19 Archer Queen Is 20
    – What is your favorite strategy? GOWIPE

  35. IGN – Shirish
    Town hall – 9
    Heroes- barb king 27 queen 27
    Fav Strategy – gohogs,giheho

  36. ash plz make a video for giheho plzzz need it

  37. Are you still recruiting?

  38. Th7
    BK lvl 5
    Fav strat mass dragon

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