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AGARIO – Life at the TOP Isn’t easy in this AGAR.IO Game – Part 4

AGARIO – Life at the TOP Isn’t easy in this AGAR.IO Game – Part 4
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Agar.io – also known as AGARIO – it’s rough at the top when you’re the biggest in any agario game! Let’s see how long I can stay as the biggest cell in AGARIO!

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Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is an exciting mobile game of strategic planning and
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  1. this is so corny just make it one long video money whore…..jk xD

  2. Can u next time play agar.io on mobile?

  3. i invite you to my channel

  4. Life at the top is not easy???
    Use teemo

  5. Galadon you can watch wun wun's video to improve your skills

  6. You got karma right there. Blasted a guy with a virus and short after fell to a virus yourself. Karma's a bitch.

  7. finally another agar.io vid, dude u need to play it more i certainly feel you will gain a lot more popularity with the game as you are also skilled in playing Agar.io

  8. You didn't maintain nr.1 for the whole time. 7:08 look at the leaderboards.You were nr.2 for like 30 seconds or so.

  9. Please continue these series! It's so much fun to watch! AGARIO ALL THE WAY ! ! ! LIKE IF YOU AGREE.

  10. GALADON could u visit me clan – Thane ( level 8 ) . W/o streak of 9 wars

  11. what do you use to record agar.io?

  12. gally u need to make vids on tanki!

  13. LOL both you agario and coc vids are so much fun to watch!!!!!

  14. he was number two for a lil

  15. galadon my name is José I was playin agario

  16. does the mobile app having an update soon?

  17. Can I please have the link to the actual song used in this video? I looked at both songs in the description, and to no ones surprise, they are still not the one(s) used in the video.

  18. how to play this game

  19. galadon at 5 or 6 56 you were in second place cause stussy was up in the top.

  20. If they give you a piece of their mass, they want to team. If you give other people a bit of your mass, they think you want to team… facepalm

  21. This guy acts if his life depends on this game

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