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Beta Minion

Beta Minion
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“Attacks targets from a distance, glows in the dark, and is a maniac on the dance floor.”

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Level 1-4 Level 5-8 Level 9-12 Level 13-16


  • The Beta Minion is a troop unlocked in the Builder Base.
  • It is a fast, weak, ranged flying unit with a special deployment ability. It appears to be a flying green gargoyle with stubby wings and large hands with claws.
  • The Beta Minion’s main method of attack is throwing exploding Dark Elixir.
  • Beta Minions have no preferred target when attacking; they will simply attack the closest building to them. However, once they become aware of enemy Guard Post troops (either by being attacked themselves or being near another friendly troop under attack), they will leave their previously targeted building and engage the enemy troops instead. Once all of the nearby enemy troops are defeated, they will proceed to attack the nearest building from their current location.
  • Upon deployment, its first few attacks will have a range of seven tiles and do much more damage. It will then attack like a Minion.


  • Obvious lanes of approach can be trapped with Mines that are set to air and/or a Hidden Tesla.
  • Setting Archer Towers to fast attack can help dispose of Beta Minions quickly. However it is not recommended to have them exposed as the Beta Minions can outrange the Archer Towers in this case while using their Long Shot ability.
  • Air Bombs are a significant defense when defending against swarms of Beta Minions, as they are capable of destroying multiple Beta Minions in one bomb. While a Roaster works fine against swarms of air troops, the Air Bombs have an advantage in the sense that it cannot be distracted by ground troops.


  • It is extremely useful to carry a small number of Beta Minions (one Army Camp’s worth) to pick off buildings that are defended by ground defenses only (Cannons, Double Cannons, Crushers, and Multi Mortars).
  • They are good to pick off buildings even if there is an air defence in range, because of it’s Long Shot ability. It can pick of an Army Camp before it’s Long Shot ability finishes if it is highly upgraded.
  • Beta Minions are surprisingly good against any defense, because their long range enables them to hit from miles away. Once these hits stop it will probably die, however, Archer Towers and Firecrackers and any other air defences should be taken out before deploying Beta Minions.
  • Using Boxer Giants as a distraction when using Beta Minions to attack other buildings is a good idea since the Boxer Giantswill attack the defensive buildings and keep them occupied while the Beta Minions attack all the outside buildings achieving at least 50% damage.
    • Note that while Boxer Giants can be used to destroy a Firecrackers, they will not occupy its attention while it is being attacked (it will still shoot at your Beta Minions).
  • They work well with Baby Dragons, even if this means that the latter cannot use their ability. The Baby Dragons will absorb damage from defenses, allowing the Beta Minions to do lots of damage.


  • The Beta Minion spits Dark Elixir, even though the Builder Base has no Dark Elixir.
  • The Beta Minion is the first Air Troop unlocked in the Builder Base.

Attack Type Damagetype Movement Speed Speed Attack Speed Attackspeed Builder Barracks Level Required Builder Barracks7 Range Range Special Ability SpecialAbility
Single Target 12 1s 4 4 tiles Long Shot


Damage per Second
Damage per Attack
Number of Units per Army Camp
Number of Long Shots
Research Cost
Star Laboratory Level Required StarLaboratory5 Research Time
1 36 36 100 4 N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 36 36 100 4 2 50,000 2 1 hour
3 40 40 110 4 2 80,000 3 3 hours
4 40 40 110 4 3 120,000 3 5 hours
5 44 44 121 4 3 250,000 4 12 hours
6 44 44 121 6 3 280,000 4 12 hours
7 48 48 133 6 3 320,000 4 1 day
8 48 48 133 6 4 360,000 4 1 day
9 53 53 146 6 4 900,000 5 2 days
10 53 53 146 8 4 1,100,000 5 2 days
11 58 58 161 8 4 1,300,000 6 3 days
12 58 58 161 10 4 1,500,000 6 3 days
Beta Minion
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Beta Minion
It is a fast, weak, ranged flying unit with a special deployment ability. It appears to be a flying green gargoyle with stubby wings and large hands with claws.
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Clash of Clans Wiki
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