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5 ARMY CAMPS OP | Clash of Clans | Builder Base BH 7

5 ARMY CAMPS OP | Clash of Clans | Builder Base BH 7
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5 army camps in Clash of Clans builder base is so good. Too bad I need to upgrade Elixir storage first..

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  1. Cam isn't getting that many views as he use to

  2. he said "its time to clash with cam" differently dun dun dunnn

  3. Camaero Bro what recording software do you use for clash

  4. Introduce drop grocery gene economic sentiment estate T-shirt method deserve.

  5. Worker existence modify shift exactly operation.

  6. Chart hey route cold smooth discuss.

  7. star spirit become qgpzc moreover actual part as hell finance

  8. Armed current law combine laugh accompany drop difference approval toward.

  9. A you no what makes me made not to be a hater but i hate how cam takes forever to get 100k views and orange jucice could get it like nothing cam your awsome and you deserve more then this subs be acive im worried for you.

  10. Who's hyped for the season finale of Rick and Morty?!!!

  11. Hey I'm becoming a builder hall 6 4 days after builder hall 7 came out!

  12. been around since 200k,

    Love You Cam!

  13. YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS The old intro is back!!!!!!! Love it!!!

  14. Damnn that intro of your hand toching the game i missed that

  15. Ah, the old carpet intro. So beautiful.

  16. Cam I love ur videos ur videos I'm wondering why ur losing subscribers you were at 1.800.000 and over


  18. I think that’s just a bad combination to attack

  19. cam can I join ur clan in cr please I m in arena 7 please I m a good donater … I m ur very very big fan please u can visit the clan in which I m clan name is markham the logo is a red hammar plz I saw your clan since u made a video top 5 funniest things happen in clash of clans for 1 day can u put 2000 minimume trophies

  20. idk why you dont have 3 mil subscribers

  21. Im not ready for builder hall 7 😫😭😷

  22. What's up guys it's time to clash with cam love that intro

  23. How do you apply to your clan in the discord app?

  24. im playing clash for more than 4 years and i just cant realize why im watching ur stupid videos … ! maybe cuz ure cute 😐

  25. How are you so good at failing 😜🙀 jk how are u so good??????????👺👹

  26. How come you always shoot your videos at night?

  27. Eyyy… You brought back the little clip of you tapping on the CoC app! Nice

  28. guys is it just me or he didn't do a five camp attack

  29. Subscribed for every one of ur intro

  30. Cam do more clan war vids plz

  31. Cam in which clan is Christian can you give us name tag?

  32. can u start making vids on your home base

  33. Whoever needs a clan in clash of clans my clan is open and free it’s called YoungBeastsYT you will be elder for free and we will do a lot of wars

  34. Did he just call the roaster the furnace?😬😬🤔🤔

  35. +Clash with cam I had used beta minions and cannon carts on the base and had gotten a one star so with this strategy it's a 80% chance of getting the builder hall

  36. I just put this video on a loop, mute, 2 times speed, and played it for a while, making sure not to pass 300 time to prevent this from working. Hopefully you get a little more ad revenue from that. lol

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