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3 STAR EVERY BASE | Clash of Clans | How to get a Perfect War

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How to get a perfect war in Clash of Clans against TH 11 TH 10 and TH 9. 3 Stars on all bases!

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  2. I cant believe I found this just now for Clash of Clans: .com Bets players secretly use this! (QUFRm)

  3. Rebuilding ,Join my clan. #L2222YJ2.Almost lvl5.

  4. join chelsea12345678 join free co leader this clan will help people please join co leaders

  5. hey can my clash name is Gaza prince 2 can I join your clan please… right now I'm in war Eagles

  6. hey cam can I join your clan please put it to Invite only

  7. cam can u pls put uow to edit th8 village base

  8. Yo daddy was a real nigga, not cus he was cold. Not cus he was the first to get some Pussy twelve years old.

  9. can i in ur clan? me acc is th10 inferno 3-3 and lvl 110+. me coc name is i'm the best and i'm in kiara (lvl 7warclan) me second acc is lvl 70+ with th8 (nearly max) his name is clash of clans.

  10. You rejected me 🙁 You have 20/22 lvled th9 in your clan lol 😂

  11. OMG i love you cam, episode 4 reference

  12. cam your clan is awesome plz let us come into it I have th11

  13. The legend27 keeps kicking my ass

  14. Some air skeletons just popped up 😂

  15. A perfect war is 3 star every base first try

  16. are we can in to barbarian party ??

  17. Cam can i join to your clan

  18. the last game name is omg i forgot it sorry for didnt tail

  19. I don't know what the fuck did happened to miners now

  20. cam plz tell me your code plz I want to join your clan please just wana suck!!!!!!

  21. Cam, do your clan needs a max th8??

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