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17 Critical Tips for Avoiding Epic Fails

17 Critical Tips for Avoiding Epic Fails
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Don't Get Your Golems in a Bunch1. Don’t Get Your Golems in a Bunch

Golems have a lot of hit points, and work well to protect other, more vulnerable units.  If your Golems are all on top of each other, they will do a poor job providing cover for your Wizards, Witches, and the like.  Spread those Golems out and use them to ‘tank’ those defenses while your high damage per second units move in from behind and take out those buildings.

2. Don’t Mix Your Troops

Stick with a winning, proven attack strategy. Mixing air and ground units is rarely a good idea.  Watch others’ replays and learn from them.  You can adapt the army composition to your liking- but if you’ve never seen anybody try it, it may be because it’s not an effective attack.

3. Hey! Watch Where You’re Aiming That Thing!

Spell placement.  You’ll hear this over and over again in my videos.  Many battles are won or lost simply by where you drop the spells.

Clash of Clans SpellsA. Rage spells – Watch closely, know which buildings your units are headed towards, and anticipate their movements.  Drop those rages ahead of them, so they use the area of effect longer.

B. Lightning spells – wait for just the right moment.  Release your lightning too soon, and you may miss the troops your aiming for.  If you’re trying to zap those clan castle troops, wait for them to bunch up close together.

C. Freeze spells – Try to drop them over as many defensive structures at once as possible.  Know the radius of effect, and time it for when your units need it the most.

D. Jump spells – Don’t drop your jump spells where you WANT your units to go, drop them where they ARE going.  Again, know each unit’s behavior, and try to anticipate their movement.

4. Never Underestimate the Little Guy

Watch out for those Clan Castle troops.  If not dealt with properly, they can lay waste to a good attack.  If you can’t pull them out and get rid of them at the beginning of an attack, make sure you’re prepared with a lightning spell, or a rage spell and a few extra units, just in case.

5. Don’t Zap Drags

Don’t waste a lightning spell on a Dragon.  If a Dragon comes out of the opposing Clan Castle, you’ll need to deal with it another way.  Save the lightning spell for a small building, or another attack.

6. Clear the Area

If you’re trying to get your units to the center of an opposing village, you’ll need to remember that most units head towards the closest standing structure.  You’ll need to clear the surrounding buildings to the left and the right first.

7. Don’t Go For the Gappers

‘Gap’ bases, with inviting little spots for you to deploy your troops, can be misleading.  Usually, almost ALL of your opponents’ defenses are laid out in a way so that they can fire on that spot the moment the battle begins.  Also, the spot won’t be so easy to find once the battle starts- and you may have a difficult time clicking on it quickly to deploy more troops.

Don't Leave Healers Hanging8. Don’t Leave Your Healers Hanging

Make sure your Healers are well away from Air defenses during an attack.  Also, if you’re using a rage spell, try to get them within the area of effect for best results.

9. Don’t Cross the Streams

When attacking a base with two Inferno Towers, it is best to line them up- so that you’re only facing one at a time.  Two multi-targeting Infernos can incinerate 10 of your small units in just a few seconds, and prematurely end an attack.

10. Don’t Get Splashed

Watch out for the splash damage from defensive units like Wizard Towers and Mortars.  Avoid, at all costs, deploying most of your units in a small group near them.  Just a few hits and you could lose everything.  Instead, use larger units like Giants and Golems to head towards them, and spread out units behind, like Wizards, Witches, and Archers to take them out.

Witch and skeleton army11. Don’t Over-Estimate Witches

Sure, the Witch can be a powerful unit, generating skeletons every few seconds during a battle.  However, she’s very fragile.   You need to deploy Witches away from defenses to give them time to build up their skeleton army.

12. Bring Your Friends!

If at all possible, make sure you bring a full Clan Castle and both your King and Queen to every battle, even if you don’t plan on using them.  It’s always good to have a safety net.

13. Don’t Touch Me There!

Pay attention when attacking- especially when using a smaller screen like that of a phone.  One wrong touch and you can deploy your troops in the wrong spot, or enrage a tree in the middle of the forest.

14. Work Wallbreakers Wisely

Know how many wall breakers are required for the job you want them to do.  Don’t waste them by sending in too many- and watch out for flying mortar shells.  Try to time their release so that they dodge those big bullets.

Traps and bombs - oh my!15. Watch Your Step

Look out for bombs and traps.  Send in test units if at all possible before committing a large number of troops to a specific area.   Many a battle has been lost when an entire contingent of Wizards or Witches are destroyed in an instant.

16. Check Your Spel-ling

Make sure your spells are ready before seeking a village to attack.  Double check your inventory to make sure you haven’t forgotten them.

17. Never Enrage a Raging King

The King’s special rage ability and the Rage spell do not stack on each other.  Don’t use them together.


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