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16 WAR WIN STREAK | Clash of Clans | BarbariaNParty Still Got It

16 WAR WIN STREAK | Clash of Clans | BarbariaNParty Still Got It
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Clash of Clans 16 clan war win streak! Destroying clans in BarbariaNParty! #bowlerswinwars

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  1. what happens to war win streak when it is a draw

  2. Join my clan it's called. Eonz Oasis

  3. Cam just search up United Crew, they had a 56 war win streak!. But they lost it after their next war

  4. cam you suck i watched your videos since 534k subs

  5. cam's really smart because he knows this video will not hit 50k likes until a long time … and he dosent have to post clash of clans that much nice u cunt

  6. do you play temple run??answer it.you have never read my comments I'm sure.

  7. klu mau ck aja .. 1212 G1 clan level 4

  8. We want clash of clans clash of clans clash of clans

  9. hii cam i have some problems in my clash of clans account im tried to contact supercell but i don't know how to send email in game also don't have email box

  10. Ppsrvyvchcjy y y tarde,,

  11. you can't say dick and be "child-friendly"

  12. No shi Channel terminated XD

  13. It took about 3 months to get 100,000 subs, it takes 7 months to get 400,000 subs. Screw you Cam I used to like you. Now you're channel is trash along with you.

  14. hey guys come in my clan name of the clan is MR JHONSON CLAN TAG IS #RLQ2GJJO


  16. Where are the Other Mem. of the clan? LOKI,Christian? where are they?

  17. camarobro may i join your clan please

  18. Join To My Clan….Super Royales…My Name L20p007

  19. 50000 likes yeah your ass

  20. Jeff is mine craft Robert is call of duty and you are Pokemon go got it? Coco banned

  21. Anyone sing along to the intro?

  22. Cam plzz do more clash of clans i now its not more a trend but i love coc

  23. we won a war by 0.20% so yeah. not even close.

  24. camerabro can i Join your Clan in th9

  25. My clan has lost to a clan by 0.3 percent

  26. I have boomarked your language plz can I join

  27. how many trophies i nees to get in clan?

  28. The intro when you fail catching a shiny Pokemon

  29. u guessed the new update lol

  30. Lol they added half what he asked???

  31. my clan was in a war where we won with 0,47%

  32. Ha Ha Super cell Just added 5 more hero level and a new wall

  33. Cam they did do the update you said

  34. that's what they actually did

  35. i want to join us clan

  36. You know who's awesome?cuz i dont

    Read the 6th word again!

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