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10 Cool ways to use the Grand Warden

10 Cool ways to use the Grand Warden
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  1. The GW can snipe off both a BK and an AQ. If the BK/AQ is on the outside, the GW will snipe them off without ever drawing aggro. They will get the “?” over their head, but will just sit their taking fire bolts until they die. Very useful in farming raids where one or both heros are external. I’ve rarely seen external heroes in war, but it would be useful there too.
  2. The GW can snipe off a wizard tower. Sometimes there’s a wiz tower in the corner of a base with double walls around it making it really hard to kill. The GW can walk right up and shoot it down without ever taking damage.
  3. The GW can destroy black hole and trap bases. Most of these are built around really intense firepower concentrated in one spot. They often have a TH or DE storage right next to the hole to lure players in. My favorite way to hit these is to drop a goblin or two into the hole to clear out any traps, then drop two or three giants followed by 15 or so goblins. Then drop the GW and activate the Tome immediately. Before it ends, the goblins will have destroyed the entire DE storage. If you get a few more giants and goblins in there, they can take out a TH as well. It’s pretty unstoppable, and if you end the raid right away, you don’t lose any health on your GW either. I’ve had many raids where all I used was 2 giants and 15 goblins and I got 3000+ DE.
  4. The GW can combine with the AQ to snipe off ANY TH. I’ve hit many trapped Town Halls by dropping my AQ, activating her ability, then right when it fades, dropping and activating my GW. There’s enough time between the two that your AQ can kill the TH regardless of how it is defended and neither hero takes any damage. It takes some practice and skeletons/cc/defending heroes can mess it up, but it is remarkably effective.
  5. If you’re slumming around in Gold/Silver, your GW + AQ can snipe off DE drills for ~500-1000 per raid. With the boost, it’s not hard to find bases with partially full drills on or near the outside. Drop the GW on the one that is hardest to reach (provided your GW can still hit it without taking damage). Then when the drill is almost dead, drop your AQ on the other one and activate her immediately. Finally, activate your GW and end the raid as soon as both drills are down. You spend no troops, lose no time at all, and can make ~10K de per hour or more depending on your skill and luck. Bonus if the third drill is outside and you can get it with ~10 goblins.
  6. Most people probably get this already, but you can toggle your GW to flying mode and he can snipe off cannons and mortars too. Just watch out for ADs and air traps. If a CC is external and the troops inside are non-ranged, you can snipe off the CC with a flying warden and never have to deal with the troops.
  7. If you’re using the Warden in the traditional way (behind your main force) make sure you use the ability in the core, but before all your troops are dead. I’ve seen far too many raids where people wait too long because they are so used to doing that with their AQ.
  8. While it has mixed results, you can do a GW/AQ healer walk. It takes some finessing to get them both to follow a similar path, and you really need the healers to stay focused on the AQ. But a GW added to the standard walk can help a ton. He boosts the healers and the AQ with HP, he can use his ability (which usually results in a fully healed queen just like a rage spell), and he has really long range to snipe off storages or other good stuff that is deeper in the base than the AQ’s range. You’ll have to experiment with it to get it to really work, but it’s pretty fun.
  9. Sometimes it is more effective to think about your GW primarily as an extra spell. His Eternal Tome is really really powerful. For example, a freshly raged BK with all his raged barberians can clean out a core about as fast as valks IF you have the GW in there with them. A pack of hogs can be shielded from a DGB if you hit the Tome at just the right time. A personal favorite of mine is to use it when a bunch of wizards come out of the cc and are about to toast my troops. Since the wiz don’t last long, you only need to block 1 to 2 shots to completely nullify them. If you didn’t bring a poison or your poison is too late or misplaced, the Tome can save your raid.
  10. Lastly, on defense, the GW gives an HP buff to surrounding troops and buildings – so you want your GW near your most critical defenses. Usually this means you want him near your heroes, CC, and infernos. I’ve seen far too many bases with the GW sitting on the outside of the base. Keep in mind also that the GW gives a percentage buff, so you get a much bigger HP boost with the CC, TH, Xbows, infernos, and storages than you get with other buildings. Plan where you put him carefully to get the biggest benefit.


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