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I can’t believe this happened! A town hall 9 3 starred a town hall 10 in Clash of Clans. Unbelievable!

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Check this out chief!

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MAX TH12 GAMEPLAY – Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Attacks | New CoC Troop …

CLASH OF CLANS for the first time in TWO YEARS

CLASH OF CLANS for the first time in TWO YEARSRate this post Welcome back to …


  1. First time I am seeing cam attacking lvl 7 walls


  2. Bring more Coc videos, they are the best!!

  3. Cam can you continue the mr. barbarian story?

  4. I feel like the first attack kolphin did was more impressive because on the 95 2 star base it had max th10 stuff but the walls.BUt the 3 star he made has th9 defense jiust with really good walls and lvl1 inferno

  5. Anyone else noticed how the queens was targeted by inferno tower but was still being healed

  6. The first guy was just a th9 with infernos and infernos mean nothing now so not impressive

  7. Th10 is basically a th9 now.Multiple IT'S are crap now..

  8. Lol this is what happens when they nerf the IT

  9. Clickbait title's here Bois, the REAL Cam is back!

  10. Really 0.000000001% chance of happening this but he did it… appreciated 👍

  11. Play fortnite please :))

  12. FINALLY ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Please teach townhall 9 attacks to me

  14. Th9 three staring th10 isn’t hard anymore infernos don’t stop healing anymore

  15. Cam is it really that rare to 3 start and th 10 at th 9??

  16. Wait… those are actually real odds? Can't a th 9 just 3 star 2 rushed th 10s?

  17. Can u do some weak accounts??

  18. Did he say level one air defense?

  19. last just conversation crack later control act solution commit training extremely.

  20. Im a th8 and 3 stared a th10

  21. The problem with the inferno nerfs is that you’re base is now considered a joke if your infernos are set to multi. Single target can outheal the heal spells when the damage builds up, but multis can’t

  22. i have 3 starred a th10 8 time with lvl 1 infernos and my hero's lvl 22 queen lvl 24 i use valks with golem and bowlers in cc itz not a 0.01% otz more like 5% out off 12% im. still a th9 with lvl 27 and queen 29

  23. How is this cool or awesome of a th9 2 staring th 10 in depends on attack strategy and the defense the th10 has

  24. Remember when Cam went through a mid life crisis and tried to leave COC

  25. The air defense was level 6 bro are you blind

  26. See why we need the infernos with the ability to go through a heal😐

  27. I've 3 starred the exact same level base with a similair strat except my queen is level 19

  28. If it was actually a 0.000000000001% chance of that happening like u said, that would be a 1 in a 100 trillion chance of that happening!!! (1 in a 100,000,000,000,000 chance)

  29. wait , do inferno tower don't block healing effect of healers anymorre?

  30. Views seem to have dropped, keep up the good work though and I bet you'll be back to the normal 100-150k

  31. Cam the type of guy to be lower in trophies than TH10

  32. Call it protect jack cause thats his name

  33. Bases were engineered lmao

  34. And i cant even 3 star a th 9

  35. Level 3 air defense not 1 dumb head love ur content

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