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Balloonion Attack Strategie


Town Hall to use in: 8-10 Trophy Range to use in: 2200-3200 Balloonion is a very popular strategies for pushing. It cost a lot of elixer, and time to train but Balloonion will get you at least the two star ... Read More »

Dragon Raid Guide


For a long time (before the 4th Air Defence) the All Dragon Army was a central feature of the game. An attack with all high level dragons can still be very deadly and although it has a high cost and ... Read More »

Hidden Tesla placement


The hidden tesla is a very neat defense item. It is essentially hidden from attackers until their troops get too close, then they get zapped with electricity. While the Tesla is a great defense item, it needs to be placed ... Read More »

How to “Hide” your Elixir


This trick is to be used before you go to bed or leave the game unattended for a extended period of time without a shield. Here is what you do… Make sure your camps are completely full of troops. Fill ... Read More »